Sunday, January 3, 2016

Back to Life, Back to Reality

This is how Lucy and I feel about Matty going back to work tomorrow. Having him home these past two weeks has been wonderful, and I'm so sad to see him go!

Our second week of vacation was considerably less busy than the first week . . . just the way I like it. There was talk of taking a trip to the cottage to check on things, but the thought of packing everyone up just to stay for a night or two seemed way too daunting so we decided to stay home. This ended up being a good thing because this weekend both Matty and Lucy got colds and Lucy decide to cut her third tooth all at the same time. #mamaishealthy

Prior to Coldgate, though, we had a fun week of hanging out at home, running a few errands, and ringing in the new year on the couch.

Here's a picture of my baby's hand on my dog's tongue. I guarantee you I was not around when this particular picture was taken. 

I was around to witness this one, though. Baby girl is getting daring and Sydney is handling it all in stride. Prior to having Lucy I was practically convinced we'd have to get rid of Sydney because she is so terrible with kids and other dogs (besides Snort). However, she's really surprised us and has taken to Lucy quite nicely. I think it has something to do with the fact that they are currently on the same mental level . . . and Lucy has cool toys. 

Just a little light reading before naptime.

Look who's growing some hair!! No muss, no fuss . . . until she realizes it's there and yanks it out and pulls her hair.

So Lucy and I both had planned to be sleeping when the ball dropped at midnight on New Year's Eve. However, that sweet baby decided she was so sad to see 2015 go that she was going to cry . . . for a long time. Because of that, I was awake at midnight . . . and 2am . . . and 3am.  So when she went down for her morning nap (peacefully, thank God!) on New Year's Day, I decided to hunker down on the couch and relax/snooze for a bit. I NEVER do this during her naps so 2016 was already off to a good start for me! Unfortunately, Lucy's nap ended before mine did. Matty was kind enough to get her and bring her to me on the couch. Look how happy she was to join me! It's hard to be bummed about your nap getting cut short when that sweet face is next to you. 

New cupcake pj's from Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brian.

Happy baby in the grocery cart.

My sister-in-law, Carla, sent me this sweet picture of my niece and nephew. Sadie had turned her bedroom into a bakery and was serving up some sweet treats to her family. 

I was jealous and said I wished I could have chocolate chip cookies. A few minutes later this picture came through! :)

My other SIL, Sarah, sent me this of baby Tommy on New Year's Day. He's getting so big . . . and more adorable everyday!

So today was our last day of vacation, and Matt woke up with a bad sore throat/cold. Lucy was on day three of a very stuffy nose and teething. Matty spent most of the day snoozing on the couch, so I tried to keep Lucy happy and occupied in her room. The morning was tough . . . there was lots of drooling, nose running, and crying. Then her hour and a half afternoon nap happened like this:

So after getting in a good nap, Lucy got her groove back and we were able to have a good 4 hour stretch of play time. I was a loooong stretch! Normally I would have taken her somewhere but I was pretty tuckered out from wrangling a fussy baby all morning and then sitting up in the chair while she napped, so I didn't feel like tackling the grocery . . . or even the mall!  So play time started with a little clothes-optional time. Seriously, she loves rolling around in just her diaper on the super soft blanket my mom and dad got her for Christmas. 

Frozen apple slices to help the sore gums. She spent just as much time banging it on the tray as she did chewing on it.

Matty and I were reheating soup for dinner, and Lucy was seriously eyeing the ladle. Kept her happy long enough for us to eat dinner! (And it's a clean one, don't worry.)

So that's about it. Lucy is (hopefully) down for the night, and I'm filling out my planner for the week and wondering how I'll survive without my Matty boy here with me. We will get back to business as usual, I'm sure, with play dates and Cuddle and Bounce. 

Oh, and tomorrow I start working on my New Year's Resolution: to finish a load of laundry in the same day that I start it . . . and not keep turning the dryer back on to keep the clothes from getting wrinkled until I'm ready to fold them. I have been terrible about that lately! 



  1. Ha ha ha! Welcome to the de-wrinkle-the-laundry-club Molly!!! It's never great when it happens, but sometimes it's just a necessity. Love all the pics! Hope Lucy's teeth come in and stop bothering her already! If I'm not mistaken, the cold/teething combo is now officially a pattern right?

    1. Yes, she seems to have developed a cold/teething/sleep regression pattern for her three teeth so far. How many teeth will she get?! haha