Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week(end) Recap

Phew! Other than the play date post, I didn't post much this week because it was pretty crazy. Matty was in Mexico for work Monday morning through Thursday night. A big giant thank you to my mom and Matt's mom for all their help throughout the week! Matt's trip took him away from home during the middle/end of Lucy's cold/sleep regression . . . lucky him! Here are some pictures I managed to take from the week and weekend.

So at the end of the week when Lucy's cold was pretty much gone and she still wasn't sleeping, I decided to try the "cry it out" method. So Thursday afternoon for nap she was fed, freshly diapered, and super tired. I rocked her, read her a book, and put her in her crib . . . and she immediately started to cry HARD. I knew I couldn't do it alone, so I called my sister-in-law, Carla, at work (because she obviously didn't have more important things to do, right?!). It took 25 minutes, but Lucy finally calmed down and fell asleep. And I'm happy to report that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday she went down for naps/bedtime without any problems! I did it once, but I don't know if I could let her cry that long again!

Once she got back into her sleepy time routine, she just couldn't stop!

Friday was a very exciting day that I've been looking forward to since it was planned back in mid-October. My friend Jeanette and I have been taking a day to go Christmas shopping together for at least 8 years now. We were both hired at St. Sebastian the same year (Jeanette for 2nd grade, me for 4th grade). While we were preparing our classrooms during the summer we decided to explore the area together. I knew we were meant to be besties when she asked if I wanted to stop somewhere for a cookie! 

So, working in a Catholic school, we used to have the Immaculate Conception off of school every year, and we'd go Christmas shopping then. Once we no longer got that day off, we'd both use one of our personal days so that we could go shopping during the week. Then Jeanette had babies and only I had to use a personal day. Now we both have babies . . . and we both got sitters! This year was definitely more about catching up than shopping, and it was great.

Here's Oma . . . she came out bright and early to watch Lucy during our shopping extravaganza.

We were off to Twelve Oaks where we always start at Nordstrom, with the shoes, always. 

Very Christmasy and very uncrowded at 10am!

Lunch was at the Lakeshore Grille at Macy's. Half off wine on Fridays?! Yes, please!

I plan my cheat days very strategically. We were able to share a chocolate peanut butter cupcake from Just Baked for dessert. Delicious!

On Saturday I went to my friend Amber's annual Cookie Exchange. Amber and I worked together at Stroh's. I don't know how many years she's been doing the exchange now, but it's a lot! And she goes all out every year with great food, games, and cookies!

It wouldn't be a cookie exchange without Amber's cookie tree!

Amber has many amazing talents, and she sent me home with some Christmas presents for Lucy, including this adorable cupcake hat! It's quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen.

She also sent some super fun scarves for Lucy. 

Here's Lucy enjoying some blackberries while mama makes dinner. The 15 minutes of uninterrupted cooking time was worth the giant mess. She loved them!

My sister-in-law, Sarah, sent me this adorable picture of baby Tommy. Look who's learning to smile! Can't wait to see this guy in a little over a week!

How cute is my brother's family?! Everyone looks great, but let's give a special shout out to Carla's scarf (who buys you such cute things?!) and to Gordie's buffalo check shirt. Cutest almost two-year-old ever!

Any finally, we ended our weekend by going to the Wild Lights Christmas display at the Detroit Zoo this evening. We couldn't have asked for better weather! It was 55 degrees outside at 7pm! Lucy was awake for most of it and was really interested in the lights.

We used the wrong setting on our cameral for this first pic. Here's our silhouettes in front of the giant Christmas tree.

We went with the Heinbuchs. I was chewing a pretzel, Steph was checking out her camera, and Ryan was apparently very interested in the route we needed to take. 

These next two pictures deserve to be extra large. Look at the adorable hat and the adorable baby . . . mesmerized by all the lights!

Lucy normally goes to bed around 7, and we were at the zoo until 8ish, but she did a great job! No crying or fussing at all. 

Overall, not a bad weekend. Lucy and I are so happy that Matty is home. He only has one more week of work and then he is off for two weeks!! 


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