Monday, December 28, 2015

Lucy's First Christmas!

Lucy's first Christmas is in the books! And it was far more enjoyable than her first Thanksgiving! She was calm, cool, and collected . . . and so was her mama. We spent Christmas Eve at our house with Matt's family and then went to my parents' house on Christmas Day. That sweet baby is just a doll wherever she goes, so of course there are tons of pictures! I decided to put them in "extra large" mode on the blog . . . just to be sure you could see her cuteness clearly! ;)

Matty was playing with the camera on Christmas Eve morning and got some great pictures of Lucy.

You can hardly see her nose and lips for all that cheek!

Ready for a casual, comfy Christmas Eve!

Laughing and squealing with Grandma!

Sarah in her Holiday Hound socks.

Watching one grandbaby open gifts while snuggling the other one. I'm fairly certain this was Rita's best Christmas ever!

Sibling rivalry is an issue! ;)

Enjoying Christmas Eve dinner with Daddy.

And sharing some with her crazy Uncle Brian!

Not really sure what to say about this one!

The obligatory "take a picture of me taking a picture of you" photo.

Cool dude in his new sunglasses.

Cool dude in his brother-in-law's new sunglasses.

The following are a few selections from Lucy and Baby Tommy's photo shoot. They were all so cute, I couldn't choose just one!

I love this one because it looks like I caught them in the middle of a dance party! Tommy looks like he's doing some sort of Thriller move, and Lucy's just breaking it down!

On Christmas morning we opened our stockings in Lucy's room. She was not too interested in the nine pairs of super cute socks that she got. Nothing could top that yellow book, except for . . .

 . . . a green book!

But then, the Holy Grail of stocking stuffers . . . a bell!!

Enjoying her Old McDonald puppet book with Daddy.

We got her this crazy, ocean-themed tunnel toy. It's supposed to grow with her through sitting, crawling and pulling herself up. Right now she still needs help playing with it, but seems to enjoy it.

Making friends with Uncle Zack. And doesn't everyone open gifts without pants on?!

The picture makes me laugh . . .they are all together but doing their own thing!

Lucy got a super soft blanket from Oma and Papa, and it was a big hit with everyone as the present opening progressed.

The end of two days of non-stop celebrating!

Lucy sure is a lucky little girl. I feel like the pictures show more of the opening of the gifts rather than the aftermath, which is a giant pile of wonderful toys, clothes, and books . . . not to mention the generous gifts given to Matty and me. 

We feel very blessed this year to have two new babies in the family, and everyone was happy and healthy. That being said, I know that's not the case for everyone. Christmastime can bring out great joy for some and great sorrow for others. To anyone who may have had a tough week last week, I'm sorry and my thoughts are with you. 

Here's to all the best in 2016!


  1. Aww, we were surprised the visit to Grandpa Garys house wasnt mentioned :( we had such a nice visit with all of you especially those sweet grand babys.