Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lucy Hosts a Play Date!

Lucy and I have met a great little group of moms and babies with whom we LOVE having play dates! We hosted our very first play date today and had so much fun!

First things first, Lucy had to choose an appropriate hostess outfit. We decided on a Christmas theme. You can't really see it, but the pants have a little red tutu around them which provided minutes of entertainment. Thanks, Aunt Carla, for the outfit!

The dogs went to Grandma Rita's for the day so that the babies could play in a dog free environment. I tried my best to make the family room a dog hair free play area, but who are we kidding?! So a little furniture rearranging and a large purple blanket, and we were ready to go!

We can't normally leave toys strewn about in the family room because the dogs are a little too interested in them, so Lucy and I both really enjoyed being able to leave things out and lay on the floor unattended. 

Snacks (for the mamas) are a must at play dates. The other mommies brought chips and guacamole, oranges, and a chickpea salad. Yummers!


Leslie was nice enough to wrangle some babies while we got snacks. That's Catherine in the red Santa shirt, Lucy in the green headband, and Greta in the gray sweater. 

Greta showing off her standing-up skills by the window . . . 

 . . . and by the tree. Oh, and Greta gets the prize for being the only baby that tried to eat the lights on the Christmas tree!

Colt joined us as well, and he and Lucy had fun listening to music and playing with cups together.

Two seconds before I took this picture, Colt was leaning back on Lucy and it was super cute.

Babies and toys everywhere!

Lucy found hostessing to be exhausting and took a 20 minute power nap.

The exersaucer . . .it's the cool place to hang out!

You know a play date's getting crazy when the pants come off!

What a fun few hours! Thanks to all the mommies and babies for coming over. Oh, and Nicole and Ella . . .if you are reading this over there in England, we missed you two!!


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