Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Vacation Part 1

Christmas vacation is awesome and overwhelming all at the same time. It's awesome because Matty is home and family is in town. It's overwhelming because we are constantly on the go, away from home, and off our nap/bedtime schedule. Lucy is just like her mommy and does much better on a schedule. That being said, she's handling her first Christmas season like a champ . . . so far!

On the first day of vacation we took Lucy to Three Cedars Farm to see Santa. We expected lots of tears, but she did great! 

Note Lucy's fingers tangled in Santa's beard.  :)

That evening we had a big night out at Applebee's. Lucy had a grand time. No, we are not in the middle of a 4th of July parade . . . that's just a giant mural on the wall. Thank you, Applebee's, for listing all allergy ingredients on your website. I knew exactly what I could order!

Lucy was excited to have Grandma feed her dinner. This was also the first time one of the dogs curled up under the high chair. Once they see Cheerios start to fall down, I'm sure they will be fighting for a spot under there!

Ready for a walk on a cold, sunny day!

 . . . and a nap!

Oh so much fun at the doctor's office! 

Mexican lunch at Maiz in Depot Town. The food (and margaritas) was delicious and Lucy did great! 

Festive tortilla chips. 

Warning: The following pictures contain two things: 

1. Pictures of Lucy without a headband. #whatwasithinking
2. Several Christmas trees that are far superior to ours.

Family play time with our subpar tree in the background. Seriously, it's only decorated at the top, and there's a section of lights that are out. :-(  It's going out for the trash this year.

Uncle Matty and Baby Tommy

Here's Lucy figuring out what wrapping paper is all about.

Lucy chewed on this spatula for about 20 minutes and was as happy as a clam. Note: Grandma Rita was using the rolling pin for baking, not for disciplining! ;)

Peek-a-Boo books are Lucy's current love. You can see a hint of Grandma Rita's festive tree in the background. 

I could sit and stare at my mom and dad's tree all day, just like LuLu!

The Crupi's tree (and their daughter) is one of my favorite's every year as well.

Well, it's Christmas Eve afternoon and it's time to go put on our party attire (i.e. Christmas pj's!) before Matt's family comes over for the evening. Then tomorrow it's off to my parents' house for Christmas Day. Hoping for a Christmas miracle and Lucy doesn't have any meltdowns! Hope everyone has a wonderful couple of days!

Merry Christmas!!


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