Sunday, November 8, 2015

Weekend Recap

I don't have too many pictures from this weekend. It's not too fun to take pictures of a crying baby. Teething got the best of Lucy, especially on Saturday, and we miss our sweet and happy girl! Both days she seemed to start out ok in the morning, but as the day progressed she got increasingly fussy as her teeth bothered her more. That being said, I did manage to capture a few of her happier moments.

She wore her Burt's Bees Baby outfit for the first time on Saturday. It was so cozy and she looked so cute that I immediately ordered her a few more outfits when I saw they were on sale on Zulily. 

Putting her legs in the air and waving them around like she just don't care!

When the wife's away Ryan will . . . come over and eat beef stew with the Kissels! Matty and Ryan had themselves a nice little man date on Saturday. It started at the Canton Brewery and ended with baby bath time, beef stew, and football. #CrazySaturdayNight #NotReally

I was at Buy Buy Baby with Lucy, and while I was checking out the grocery cart covers I looked down at the stroller and noticed Lucy trying to sit up and reach out at something with both hands. She was looking at this monkey chew toy. She looked so cute reaching for it, and it's the first time she's done anything like that, so obviously I had to buy it for her. She looked so precious that I probably would have bought whatever she was reaching for no matter what. Too bad she wasn't reaching for a new purse or a pair of size 9 boots at Nordstrom.  

I swear, she crinkled it and chewed on it for about 15 minutes before she fell asleep. 

So that was our weekend. I'm looking forward to a good week and a happier baby!


  1. That story about the monkey toy was adorable - and of course you had to buy it! Duh!!