Sunday, November 1, 2015

Weekend Recap

If you are not interested in seeing LOTS of adorable pictures of Lucy, then you might as well just quit reading this right now :-)

Friday during the day Lucy and I went to our happy place . . . Target! I had a list of four items that I needed. I got those four items, plus a toy for LuLu! I play with her all day long, and I've really tried to reign myself in as far as toy buying is concerned. However, sometimes I think we both get bored of playing with the same toys everyday . . . so it's really a treat for both of us! Lucy has really been showing an interest in sitting up so I've been putting her in this Bumbo seat quite a bit. So when I saw this cool toy at Target that suctions to the tray, I just had to buy it!

Here's Lucy seriously considering how she feels about the elephant.

Turns out that all the sitting in the Bumbo seat was a good thing because this happened on Friday night . . .

Ahh! My baby is getting so big! She loves knocking over  the colorful cups, so build her a tower and put it just out of reach and she'll sit up for a good stretch. Nothing like knocking out a major milestone in super cute penguin pajamas right before bed. Boy have our Friday nights changed!!

Saturday was Halloween! We started it off with some delicious oatmeal.

Like a little baby bird!

You may remember this picture of Lucy in her pumpkin costume from Thursday's Cuddle and Bounce class.

Well, on Saturday she decided to switch things up a bit and go as a grumpy pumpkin instead.

 Maybe a hint of a smile?

We gave daddy some well-deserved nap time in the afternoon and headed down to Oma and Papa's house to take pictures with the cousins. And to snuggle with Aunt Carla and Uncle Zack.

One confused Hobbit, one black cat dressed as a pumpkin, one happy Hobbit, and a grumpy pumpkin. All super adorable!!

Halloween night was rainy, and since the trick or treaters are scarce even on a good weather night, we decided to turn off our outdoor lights and hunker down. Lucy and Matty both had bottles . . . of milk and beer. I'm sure you can figure out who had what.

Sunday morning was a beautiful fall morning - cool and crisp with a beautiful blue sky. We took advantage of our extra hour by eating delicious dairy free soy free french toast (that was not sarcasm, it actually was very tasty!) and going for a walk. Someone cuddled up and got all cozy in her stroller for a nap.

 Our dogs love to walk. We used to take 4 miles walks several days a week, and they'd still be full of energy. But Snort is going to be 12 on Thanksgiving, and he is definitely slowing down. We didn't even walk on Saturday but Sunday morning he was still lagging behind after just a little bit of walking. Poor old dingo!

 This little gem popped up in the park next to our house. It's like the "give a penny, take a penny" container at stores . . . but for books! I'm a big supporter of all things library, so I think this is a great idea. Plus, if I ever need something to read, the park is much closer than running to the actual library!

 After our walk and Lucy's two hour nap (our baby is awesome!), we headed back to Oma and Papa's to celebrate Oma's birthday! Lots of fun family time.

I believe dad said, "Molly, take a shot of me looking pensive." 

After a very busy weekend, Lucy finished things off with a nice warm bath and a snuggle in her giraffe robe that Oma gave her. You can see that she doesn't hate it!

Phew! Thanks for hanging in there and making it to the end. To be fair, I did warn you though! Now Lucy is snoozing for the night, Matty is watching football, and I'm blogging away. If we could have just another day of two of weekend time to enjoy the wonderful weather we have in our future, then life would be perfect. 


  1. I love every picture and every moment of this weekend recap - mostly because I got to be involved in it (in real life, not just in the blog!). And you snapped a cute pic of me and Lucy Belle!!! Yay!!