Monday, November 16, 2015

Stay Tuned . . .

This weekend was our big trip to Bloomington, IL to meet our new nephew Tommy. We left at 6am Saturday morning and got back just before 6pm Monday evening. It was a great trip, and I want to do it justice, so I'll need a day or so to sort through the 339 pictures I just loaded onto my laptop . . . and also to recover from 14 hours in the car with a baby! Here's a quick sneak peek . . .

Lucy's first time in a swing! I could do a whole blog post with the dozens of adorable pictures we took of her swinging, but I'll show some restraint . . . or will I?!

Lucy missed her dingos while we were away, but enjoyed watching the Hound sprinting across the park. 

I could have snuggled with this cutie all day. 

Cousin Love!

I spent my evening putting all of this away:

So stay tuned, everything you could ever want to know about our trip will be up by tomorrow evening. Lucy Belle also turned 6 months old while we were away, so I'll have to do a post with her 6 month pics and her stats once we go to the doctor tomorrow. Looks like a busy blogging week. Don't forget to check back!


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