Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Remember When-sday

Lucy is only 5 and a half months old, and we are already starting with the "remember whens." I thought I'd share some of my favorite pics from Lucy's early months.

Remember when I was pregnant?! It feels like forever ago! Lucy arrived less than 2 weeks after this picture was taken.

Remember when Lucy used to be swaddled like a little burrito? Matty was the swaddle master!

Remember when we thought we'd never sleep again? . . .unless it was on the couch with Lucy.

Remember Lucy's first doctor appointment? I believe it was at 8:45am, two days after we got home from the hospital. All of us were awake, showered, and looking presentable. I couldn't believe it!

Remember when Lucy used to be skinny? She looks almost sickly here! It took her a while to develop some thunder thighs and irresistible wrist rolls. 

Remember when Lucy used to fall asleep during tummy time? I love this picture . . . look at that baby booty! She still smiles in her sleep, too. 

Remember when Lucy fell asleep on her changing table? I remember this day, it was after her first hip ultrasound. She cried the whole time and was exhausted the rest of the day. Poor thing . . . at least she looked adorable!

Remember Lucy's first boat ride? She loved it!

Kisses for Mama . . .

 . . .and kisses for Lucy!

And finally, and perhaps my favorite . . Remember when Lucy wet all over herself while I was changing her diaper at the mall? I had to put her back in the stroller while I got out fresh clothes and cleaned up the mess on the changing pad. Photograph first, fix second. That's my motto!


  1. Gary and I enjoy looking at the pictures of Lucy! She is cute as ever