Saturday, November 21, 2015

Lucy's First Snow!

Well, they said it was coming but I didn't really believe it. We are working on 4+" of snow today, and it couldn't have happened on a better day. We had no plans except to stay in and decorate the house for Christmas, so, thank you very much, Mother Nature! It started really snowing around 9:30 this morning . . . right after we put Lucy down for her morning nap. We figured we'd decorate until she woke up and then take her outside to get some pictures of her in the snow. THREE HOURS LATER that baby finally woke up! Have I mentioned how awesome she is? Sweet baby girl knew her mama and daddy had things to do, so she took an extra long nap!

While Lu was sleeping, Matty went out and hung some Christmas bulbs on the trees in our yard. In my mind, we were going to get the perfect Christmas picture of Lucy. While we did get some cute ones, I was holding her the whole time and am less than happy about my arm being in all the pictures! Still, they are super adorable. . . as is her first of many Christmas headbands!

DISCLAIMER: No, she's not wearing a jacket or a hat, but we were outside for maybe 5 minutes total . . .and she loved it!

Lucy brought her tongue to the photo shoot as well. I think she wanted to stick it to a telephone poll!

Exploring the ornaments on the tree . . .

So we went inside to look at the pictures, and I loved her faces but was disappointed about my arm in them. So we warmed up for a bit and had a wardrobe change so we could set Lucy down on the ground. What transpired is probably the cutest pictures I've ever seen! (Not Christmas card worthy, because she's not wearing red and green, but definitely framable!)

I made this one extra large because, if you look closely, you can see her two bottom teeth!

Our adorable little snow angel!


  1. I love the second pic of arm included!!! And totally Christmas card worthy!! Thanks for enlarging the one so I can see her teeth - what a cutie! She's so full of smiles, I love it!