Saturday, November 7, 2015

Life Lately

Life lately has been pretty low key around here. The only news to report is that Lucy's two bottom teeth are coming through! This is impossible to photograph, but it's happening. For the most part she's handling it like a champ, but every once in awhile we can tell they are really bothering her. Poor little thing. It really hasn't changed her sunny disposition, though!

We still have excellent conversations on the changing table.

We live within walking distance of dozens of stores . . . .Target, Kohls, Meijer, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, Buy Buy Baby. . . just to name a few. We've had a week of beautiful weather, and being in the stroller seems to distract Lucy from her teething issues, so really I'd be a bad mama if I didn't walk her somewhere . . .right? Earlier this week we headed to Hobby Lobby, and Lucy got to experience her first Christmas decorations.

I LOVE anything gingerbread (not to eat, just to decorate). I came across these two darlings at Hobby Lobby and knew that one of them needed to come home with us for Lucy's room.

I was undecided as to which one to buy (seriously, I almost bought both) because the one on the left is so girly and cute and matches Lucy's nursery perfectly. However, the one on the right is a more traditional Christmas looking gingerbread, and I'm pretty traditional in my decorating. So, I held them both up and let Lucy decide . . . 

Traditional gingerbread girl it is! We got more than a few smiles walking back home through the neighborhood with this little cutie sticking out the bottom of our stroller! (The gingerbread girl, not Lucy. She was safely strapped in the main part of the stroller.)

I feel like I captured a lot of pictures of play time with Daddy this week, so I'll just throw them all at you right here. 

A typical evening for Matty used to involve the occasional nap, working out, playing with the dogs, and then maybe a cocktail or two on the couch while watching tv.  Look at him now! Who needs bourbon when you can gave a stuffed animal party?!

I feel like this picture perfectly captures the chubbiness and droopiness of Lucy. Gotta have a stuffed animal in front of her in case those cheeks pull her down!

The dogs aren't allowed in the nursery, so we decided to have some play time on the floor in the family room so Snort could feel like he is part of the pack. Lucy is really starting to notice the dogs and show an interest in them. Snort came in for some pets, Sydney was probably off sleeping somewhere. 

Don't worry, Aunt Carla, Lucy got a bath right after doggie playtime!

We had a play date this week with some of Lucy's friends from Cuddle and Bounce. Here's Lucy offering her fingers as a snack.

As if five babies playing together wasn't cute enough, we made a Thanksgiving craft with their feet! The cuteness is so hard to handle!

Lucy had a great time and didn't even make it home before falling asleep.

We had a big, dead tree removed from our backyard yesterday. It kept Lucy entertained for about 10 minutes.

And finally . . . someone decided it was time to roll from her back to her tummy! Look how proud of herself she is! I was cleaning some things up in her room and almost missed it. She's a sneaky one.

So in the span of a week she's learned to sit up, roll from her back to her tummy, and cut two teeth. Slow down, baby girl!!


  1. Okay, Molls, I'm SOOOO far behind on the blog...but I'm up to date now! Thank goodness you gave her a bath after stinky dog play time :) And I love that footprint turkey!! Super cute.