Thursday, November 12, 2015

Busy Week!

We didn't have any appointments or play dates this week, but we still seemed really BUSY! We had a few errands to run each day, so between errands, working on a napping and eating schedule, and lots of playtime the days just flew by. Also, we are going to Illinois this weekend to see our new nephew (woo hoo!!), and I feel like the preparation for this trip began last week . . . in my head. I've been thinking about it a lot and literally made a list of all the lists I needed to remember to make. 

Here's the list of things I need to pack for Lucy:

 A 6 hour drive with a baby, plus the fact that my parents are watching both dogs has me a little flustered. I'm sure it'll be ok once we are packed and actually on the road. Hopefully my brain will go back to normal once the trip is over. Last night I could hear my phone beeping but couldn't find it anywhere. Matt finally found it in a drawer . . . the one where I keep the paper to make my lists! Go figure.

We spent Monday visiting with Oma and Papa. Lucy enjoyed a little lap time with Papa.

Tuesday morning started with a little playtime with Lucy's friends. I have a video of her squawking at the bear like she's having an actual conversation with it. It's the cutest thing ever, but too big to upload. Such a travesty, because I'm sure it would make your day!

Then it was time to kick back with a frozen teether and watch the fan for a few minutes. It's a great way to start the day. Lucy thinks you should give it a try.

We headed to Briarwood to do a little shopping, and Von Maur had all of their wonderful Christmas decorations out. I took Lucy out of her stroller to show her the Christmas trees, and one of the workers said we looked cute and offered to take our picture. So sweet of her!

We tried bananas this week . . . definitely a success! As I type this, I'm steaming green beans for her to try tomorrow. Hopefully I get this reaction!

Somebody learned how to play Peek-a-Boo with her hat while we go for a walk. 

I love this picture for so many reasons, but the main one is Lucy's pajamas. These monkey pj's are hand-me-downs from my friend Amber's little girl. Lu has been wearing them for about two months now, and I love them. That's why it was so sad when I put them on her last week, and they were too short. 

I was pretty bummed about packing away the monkey jammies until I was at Meijer on Monday and found this pair! How cute are these pajamas?! And how chubby is that baby?!

Love her in a hood!

Wednesday was a tough day for little Lucy. She seemed to have a tummy ache and was not napping the way she should. We've pretty much mastered the morning nap in the crib, but she's still napping in the swing in the afternoons. On Wednesday, though, she definitely was not feeling the swing so I rocked that sweet baby right to sleep. 

I held on to her as long as I could, but those cheeks aren't light and my arm was falling asleep so we tried this out:

She lasted just long enough for me to send the picture to Matt and gloat about how awesome I am at getting her to nap in her crib now, and then she woke up with a vengeance!

Nothing a little frozen teether from Aunt Carla can't cure.

We had Cuddle and Bounce on Thursday. Lucy takes her cuddling and bouncing very seriously. She's still the youngest in the class, and spends much of her time looking around and taking everything in. 

She did crack a smile when Miss Karen brought out the jingle bells . . . and of course I didn't get a picture! Oma went with us this week and was nice enough to buy Lucy some jingle bells to take home. She held on tightly to it on the way home. They should really rename the class "Cuddle, Bounce, and Snooze," She NEVER makes it home awake. 

All of the drooling, spitting up, and oatmeal/fruits/veggies that she wipes in her hair require a nightly bath now instead of every other night. As you can see, Lucy isn't too upset about it. I'm gonna butter up those rolls and serve them for dinner!!

So that's our week. We are looking forward to an exciting weekend in tropical Bloomington, Illinois. Here's hoping that everything goes smoothly . . . and I get some great pictures!


  1. This post walk chockfull of cuteness!! You guys look adorable by the Christmas tree, Lucy is just plain beautiful in every pic, (particularly the one at bath time...those arms!!!) and I'm so glad she enjoys her teethers. And yes, traveling with a young baby is never a quick and easy endeavor. So much planning, but I'm a fan of a good list so I never mind making those. It was just the gathering afterwards that was not-so-fun :) And oh, of course, you need so many of the things the day you're getting ready to leave so you can't even have everything packed the night before! At least that particular stage doesn't last forever. They do get easier to pack and throw in the car - the stuff, not the babies.

  2. One quick question...what is Lucy sitting in for her bath? And is that in your kitchen?

    1. Lucy's in her baby bathtub and, yes, it's in our kitchen. The tub rests perfectly over the sink, and we find it more comfortable to bathe her while standing at the sink rather than bending over the tub. Those days are coming to an end soon, though, because she's going to outgrow that tub before too long!