Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bloomington or Bust!

Hold on to your hats . . . it's going to be a long one!

When Thomas Kissel Brennan was born on October 24, I REALLY wanted to hop in the car and make the six hour trip to meet him that day. However, I knew it wouldn't be that easy with a baby, so we made plans to visit this past weekend. After five solid days of list-making and planning, we pulled out of the driveway at 6:15am Saturday morning. My goal was to leave at 6:00am. I'll take it. 

Lucy slept for the first hour or so and then happily had a good conversation with her bear until it was time to stop for breakfast.

We drove for two hours and then stopped at a Bob Evans in Kalamazoo for breakfast. Lucy sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time and did great! 

In addition to loving her oatmeal, she also charmed the pants off of everyone we encountered at the restaurant!

Seven hours after we began our journey, we arrived in Bloomington, IL! My diet is VERY limited (and boring!) due to Lucy's current dairy and soy intolerance. However, in preparation for the trip, I saved up a ton of frozen breastmilk to use to feed Lucy so that I could eat whatever I wanted this weekend. In honor of that, Brian had these delicious cheese sticks waiting for me when we walked in the door! #bestbrotherinlawever

Lucy had been in her pajamas for the car ride, so it was time to freshen up and get dressed. But first, a little funny time with Aunt Sarah!

Because the weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, we decided to put the babies in their strollers and head to the park.

One baby was happier about this than the other.

Lucy's first time in a swing! She was adorable!

Brian exercising the hound!

I could look at this picture all day!

This time last year these two would most likely have been sitting in a bar drinking beer and watching football. My how times have changed!

This picture pretty much captions itself!

There was a time we thought a picture like this would never exist!

After the park it was dinner, bath, and bedtime for Lucy. Because they're an hour earlier in Bloomington, she went to bed around 6:30! Then I finally was able to kick back and relax and get some snuggles with this little man.

Sunday morning started bright and early (6:15!) with some snuggles on the couch with daddy while mama pumped.

Even Uncle Brian and Tommy got up early to join in the fun (again, my how times have changed)! This picture makes Lucy look gigantic!

Lucy was awake and then down for her first nap of the day before the rest of the house started stirring. She was happy to eat some oatmeal with Grandma after naptime.

Because it was another beautiful day, Uncle Matt took Tommy outside for a photo shoot. He got sooo many adorable pictures. 

We all enjoyed the beautiful weather and blue sky while Tommy got his pictures taken.

We tried to get Lucy in on the photo shoot action too, but the timing was off and she was due for another nap. Thus, the lack of smiles. Note the outfit change from above . . . spit up happens!

She was super interested in the leaves!

Of course, we had to include that darn hound in the photo shoot! Here's Wendel at his finest. Not bad for an 11 year old hound!

We finished up the day with cake and homemade ice cream for Grandma Rita's birthday!

Monday morning we got up, packed the car, headed home around 10:00 and hoped for the best! This was my view for the first 3 hours:

This handsome guy drove the entire time, both ways! 

We finally stopped at Panera for lunch and to give Lucy a bottle. Both Lucy and Matty were very happy with how the first half of the car ride went.

We had high hopes for the last three hours of the trip, but it didn't go as well. I distracted her with toys for as long as I could, but eventually she lost her cool. 

So even though we were only an hour away from home, we stopped at a rest stop to build towers and fly around like an airplane. This was just the break Lucy needed, and she snoozed for most of the last hour. 

We arrived home just before 6:00. Lucy got to play, eat some green beans, get a bath and go to bed. Matt had to drive to my mom and dad's to pick up the dogs, and I had to deal with this pile. I definitely know who got the best job!  

So that's our trip. Was it fun? Most definitely! Would I want to do it again soon? No way! But I would, if it meant I got more Tommy time. 


  1. Gary and I enjoyed the picts of those two sweet baby's! We are looking forward to tomo when we go to my first grandchilds gender party! So exciteing bundle of joys everwhere! ;):)