Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weekend Recap

Saturday morning was super exciting. Lucy slept in until 7:45 . . . which means Matty and I slept until 7:45 too! We woke up to the news that Sarah (Matt's sister) had gone into labor and would be having a C-Section in less than an hour! It took all of my self-control not to pack up and head to Illinois. Instead, I sat on the couch while Lucy enjoyed a few calm minutes of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. I look relaxed, but I was on the edge of my seat waiting for baby news. I believe the episode we were watching involved a song about being patient and how you can sing, play, or imagine things to make the time go by while waiting for something. Very appropriate, but easier said than done, Daniel Tiger!

And then we FINALLY got the news that this little guy had arrived!! . . .

Thomas Kissel Brennan. 7lbs 5oz. Absolute perfection  . . . wrapped up in a burrito!

It was pretty chilly during our walk on Saturday morning, so Lucy wore her new hat courtesy of my friend Amber. It's too bad this baby doesn't cooperate for pictures ;)

On Saturday afternoon we had a nice little family lunch date at Comparis. Lucy dressed up for the occasion and got a lot of compliments. We had a table right by the window. Great for people watching, but bad for getting LuLu to look at the camera.

Check out her back side . . .

In the evening we headed to the Olsons for dinner and drinks. This was the first time we've ventured out with Lucy and stayed out past her 7pm bedtime. 

She fought it hard, but finally called it a night around 8:30.

Sunday started with a birthday party for Aunt Carla! I'm terrible and didn't take any pictures of Lucy with her Aunt Carla, Uncle Zack, or cousins. BUT, I did manage to photograph her looking super cute while sitting on Gordie's chair and getting attacked by Gordie's kangaroo. #GordieHasBetterToys

After the birthday party, we headed to Grandpa Gary's for a visit. Lucy demonstrated her ability to purr like a kitty while drinking her bottle. So talented! 

This was definitely one of the busier weekends we've had in awhile. Lucy was super tired and in bed before 7 tonight. She also seems to be fighting her first little cold. She's been a little congested and had a cute little snore going on when I put her to bed in her crib. Hopefully she's resting up for a fun week of Halloween activities!


  1. What a crazy busy weekend Molls!! So glad you were able to come over and spend time with us! I keep telling everyone what an angel Lucy is!!