Thursday, October 22, 2015

Play Date!

I signed Lucy up for a weekly music class called Cuddle and Bounce. We both LOVE going and have made a few new friends! This past Tuesday, one of the moms from C&B invited a few of us over for a play date. It's really more like the babies stare at one another on the floor while the moms have some snacks and chat away. 

 Lucy on the right and her friend Ella on the left.

 These two crazy cuties actually met a few months ago because we have some mutual friends. Here's what they looked like at one month and three months. Again, Ella is on the left and Lucy on the right. My what a difference a few months makes! Lucy has definitely caught up. Glad to see they both still share a love of headbands . . . and that Lucy found some pants!

Back to our play date . . . Lucy is showing off her awesome rolling over skills for Ella. And by "awesome" I mean that she tries to do it all day long, but has only succeeded about 4 times so far. Practice makes progress!

Their friend Catherine joined as well. She trumped Lucy's rolling demonstration by showing us how well she sits up on her own.

Here's Lucy enjoying Ella's exersaucer. Ella's family lives on a lake, so Lucy could turn around and look out their large front window and see Whitmore Lake. Definitely a much better view than the wall she often stares at at home!

Lucy getting a little wild with the donut rings . . .

It was a fun couple of hours, and I hope to host my first mommy/baby play date very soon. 


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