Thursday, September 21, 2017


Too Tired To Blog.

Here's three quick photos to satisfy those grandmas!

All my girl mama dreams came true the other morning. We have officially entered the princess and dress up stages!

Enjoy your cereal, Emmy. I'll just be over here reading a magazine. #iwish #dontgagyoursister

Parental outlaw that I am, I've decided to start Emmy on food prior to her six month check up. She seems to tolerate the rice cereal, but I can definitely tell she is interested in other food. Matty put some banana slices in a mesh feeder for her at dinner yesterday, and she loved it! 

Have a great weekend, and try to stay cool! #ugh 
Maybe if we dress for fall, it'll come? I'll wear a cardigan and tall boots while I slather the girls in sunscreen and put them in the kiddie pool this weekend. J to the K. 

I'm turning off my computer and my mind now!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lucy's First Day of School!

Pre-Pre-School, that is. Today was Lucy's first day of Stay and Play, and she did a great job!

You might be asking yourself why the very first picture is of Emily in the tub. Because at 8:10am when it was time to drag Lucy away from Daniel Tiger and get her dressed for school, I picked up Em to bring her into the bedroom and there was poop everywhere! EVERYWHERE!! How does a baby poop all the way up to her neck?! So Lu went back to the couch with her Cheerios and DT, Miss Roses went in the tub, and I started to sweat. 

We all pulled ourselves together, though, and had plenty of time to take pictures. I considered taking my obnoxious sign down, but this is our life right now so I figured it may as well be documented. Actually . . . can you guys SEE the sign on our door? Yes? Good. Because we have a new UPS man and he has rung our doorbell THREE TIMES over the past few days. And, no, contrary to what my handsome hubby might say, the issue here is NOT the fact that we've gotten deliveries three times in the past week. It's that he's not respecting the sign! Where's Mr. Joe?! Bring him back!

Ok, back to the task at hand. Here's our sweet girl with her new backpack and her new sparkly shoes. So cute!

I'll take one smile, extra cheese please!

I don't have pictures of Lucy meeting her teacher, getting her name tag, or playing when we first arrived. There is a sign in the room that says this is our opportunity to "unplug" and focus on our child. I get it, I like it . . . but how am I supposed to document it??!! Then, at circle time, the teacher clarified that we can have our phones out to take pictures, she just doesn't want mamas to be texting or chatting on the phone. phew! 

Mrs. Tammy says we will be painting almost every single week. Good news for all the new school clothes/shoes I bought! ;)

Lucy gave it her best shot, but came up empty at the fishing table.

The PlayDoh table was definitely Lucy's favorite. There was homemade sparkly PlayDoh that was WAY better than the store bought stuff. I'm going to have to give it a try!

Two of Lucy's besties are in her class! Here's Greta and her mommy . . . 

 . . . and Catherine!

It took Lucy about 0.5 seconds to color her car!

Lucy loved snuggling with Clifford . . . or, as she kept referring to him . . . Snoopy!

Goldfish, apple juice, and a story. #snacktime

We ended the day at one of the school's playgrounds. 

This pictures cracks me up! Lucy was not feeling a group picture after school. 

We picked up a Subway cheese pizza, Doritos, and cookies for Lucy's special lunch. The Kissels are nothing if not healthy eaters. My mom watched Emily while we were at school, and she brought a Halloween headband that Pop sent and super cute insulated rain boots from Aunt Carla. We are also nothing if not snazzy dressers around here. ;)

I was convinced that today was the day Lucy was going to make her valiant return to napping. I had to wake her up early . . . she was super busy at school . . . it was a humid, rainy day. The stars were aligned as my mom laid her down in bed and all was quiet. And then she announced that she had pooped. What is with my girls today?! There's no going back into the crib for Lucy after she poops at nap time. So after dinner we walked up to the UPS store and Buy Buy Baby. Before we even got there, this happened. 

And then a few minutes later both of them were down!

I'm sorry, but HOW CHUBBY CAN EMILY GET??! Clearly, this was not a good angle for her. And clearly, Lu needs a neck pillow!

Here's a little look at the two art projects Lucy made. A little wrinkled, but still cute. 

Day one was a success! Lucy even ventured away from me a time or two during playtime. Here's hoping that as the year progresses, she gets more and more comfortable on her own!


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Weekend Recap - Runny Noses Edition

So. Much. Snot. 
Seriously! How two little girls can generate so much is beyond me. Lucy was showing signs of a cold on Thursday morning, and by the afternoon both girls had drippy noses. And then the coughing came on Friday. ugh! There is nothing more pathetic than a little baby coughing and congested . . . and not being able to sleep lying down.

But let's back up a bit . . . I mentioned in my last post that I joined a MOPS groups at a local church. Our first meeting was last Thursday, and I'm so happy it's over because I was stressing about it for days beforehand. I've never left the girls in any type of childcare environment before, and I seriously thought I was going to have to pull over and throw up on the way there because I was so nervous. Not because I didn't want to leave them, but because I knew Lucy was going to lose it. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it certainly wasn't this . . . 

Am I at a church daycare or on a tropical island??!! The decor certainly helped distract Lucy for a bit. She loved the monkey on the wall. Seriously, though, I wish I had taken more pictures because every hallway in the daycare area was SO impressive. 

We were waiting in line to drop Lucy off in her room. She did great . . . until I turned to leave. I kissed her, promised to be back, and high tailed it outta there before I cried too. She made it a little over an hour before the workers had to come and get me because she was upset again. I talked to her a bit, tried to distract her, but ultimately just left her again to go back to the meeting. The rest of the day she was super fussy and clingy, so I'm pretty sure I scarred her for life. But we'll be back in two weeks! Oh, and Emmy Roses did great, by the way! 

I was convinced the stress/trauma of the morning, combined with their colds, would have wiped the girls out for a great afternoon nap. #nope

Lucy was sitting on my back quietly reading books, Emily was playing with her toys, and I seriously considered putting my head down for a power nap.

Emily spit up on me, and I was convinced it looked like a bunny. My SIL, Sarah, confirmed it. 

I wish the top of Matty's head wasn't cut off because how incredibly cute is this picture?! Matty and I both got the iPhone 7 Plus this week, and I am LOVING the portrait feature. The pictures looks so clear, and I enjoy the blurred background. 

I came out of Em's room after rocking her to sleep on Saturday morning and saw this. I asked what she was doing, and she said "I rocking my bear to sleep, momoo, and I NOT DONE YET!!" #ok #bequiet

Matty captured this one with the portrait feature. Love my happy girl!

I went to my friend Amber's baby shower on Saturday. Amber, Bridget, and I met each other when we started working at Stroh's Ice Cream Parlor . . . TWENTY years ago!! When Amber's baby girl arrives in November, we'll have six kiddos between the three of us. 

Emily Roses is sitting in strollers like a big girl now!

Love this view! #legrolls

She quickly mastered the art of stroller snoozing. #babytoes

With a repeat performance on Sunday morning. #legrollsagain

Here's Lucy Belle . . . praising the Gods of the penny pony at Meijer. #lovethyNEIGHbor

This is how I ate my dinner two nights in a row this weekend. Emily has been getting fussy and needing a snack right about the time we are ready to eat. Sometimes I just don't feel like eating cold food so I improvise and feed us both at the same time. 

Poor Ems always has to wait in line to use her own play mat!

Lucy starts her Stay and Play school program on Tuesday morning. It's once a week for two hours and is teacher-led, but the parents stay in the room. Here's hoping that she gets off my lap and participates!

Other than that, no big plans this week! We've had a busy couple of weeks, so I'm looking forward to some lazy days. But I'm not looking forward to the hot ones! I'm over summer and ready for the cool weather to come back. I really enjoyed playing outside and going for a walk without getting all sweaty!

Have a great week. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Life Lately

Life has been pretty good lately. Lucy has only napped once in the last week to ten days, but dare I say her behavior has been a bit better?? Maybe her body is adjusting to not getting a break during the day. Mine sure isn't, though! She seems to have developed a cold this week, which is no fun, but it did knock her out for an hour and a half nap yesterday. Forty-five of those minutes overlapped with Emily's nap! #momwin

Here's a look at what we've been up to.

I wear the same thing when I vacuum. 

We went for a walk Downtown Plymouth on a cool, beautiful morning last week. Lucy enjoyed eating her snack on a bench in the park. 

And Emily was happy as a clam in her stroller. 

This past Sunday was Grandparents Day. Because it was also Emmy's Baptism, we celebrated early.

We aren't often together with Sarah, Brian, Tommy, and Eleanor . . . but we were all at the cottage for Labor Day weekend so we celebrated then with Grandma Ri. We took pics of all the kiddos a few weeks prior, and I put them together in a super cute frame for Rita to hang in her house. Here are all the pics. So cute!!
We celebrated with my parents last Friday, and the occasion called for matching outfits. 

We had to stop at Party City on the way down to their house, and Lucy did a great job. We got out tantrum free and with Daniel Tiger paper plates as an added bonus!

We bought my parents lunch, and gave them a plate that had the word "Love" on it with Lucy's hand as the "o" and Emily's feet as the "v." And can you believe I don't have a picture of it??!! 

Lucy loves washing her tea set dishes at my parents' house. My mom had her take off her clothes and wear an apron because it gets a little messy. 

Again, I wash dishes wearing a similar outfit. 

Grandparents Day was just too much fun, and Lu took a little snooze on the drive home. 

Lucy is obsessed with Fisher-Price Little People and toys. She would have stayed at Target to look at the boxes all day if I let her. The only reason I got out unscathed was because I lured her away with a box of yogurt raisins. 

I left Lucy alone for two minutes to go make Emmy Roses a bottle. She said she was looking for her "My Daddy is So Cool" shirt. She must have overlooked the fact that it was right on top!

My friend Amber came over the other day and brought Lucy the cutest little princess dress up clothes!

We got the go ahead to start Emily on rice cereal. Here she is in her high chair for the first time all ready to go. 

She didn't know what to think of it and maybe swallowed a bite or two. No tears, though, so I'm calling it a win. 

Yesterday was definitely a loss, though. She spit out every bite I put in her mouth. 

Lucy and I had some solo time at the park yesterday, and we both loved it. 

I sure will miss these nights once it starts getting dark at 5:00!

Just leave a lasagna on the porch ;) 

I joined a MOPS group at my friend Leslie's church. MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. It's a two hour meeting every other week where the mamas get to listen to speakers, eat breakfast, and chat while the kiddos are in childcare. Leslie has been doing it for a few years and raves about the cleanliness and dedication of the childcare staff. This morning is the first meeting, and to say I'm nervous is an understatement.

Lucy has been going through a MAJOR clingy phase, and in a moment of frustration I decided she needed to get used to being without me so I signed up for MOPS. I don't regret it (I don't think), but it sure is causing me a lot of worry. I'm going to stay calm and positive for the girls, but I'm freaking out on the inside. I think Emmy will be fine in the baby room, but I'm counting on Lucy totally losing it when I go to leave her. Please send your positive thoughts and vibes our way!!