Thursday, July 20, 2017

Life Lately

Is anyone else struggling between wanting/needing to get your kiddos outside but also not wanting to sweat your butt off all day long?! Ugh, it's the worst! We've been trying to get out as much as possible this week, but it's just been so HOT, and poor Emmy does not enjoy being right up against me in the carrier.

Let's kick things off with sweet baby Eleanor! She's approaching the one month mark and is so cute! We FINALLY get to meet her in two weeks. I'll be the crazy lady running down the hall at the hotel and throwing people out of my way. 

All the babies and their mamas came to our house to play on Monday morning. There were five mamas and nine kiddos. There was kids, diapers, sunscreen, and snacks everywhere!

Another one for the Miss Lisa and Emmy collection.

If your baby ever goes missing, just check with Lisa!

Look at this sweet, chubby face! Baby Ben is adorable.

Do I wanna stare at this or do I wanna knock it over??

There is nothing better than sleeping baby snuggles. 

Lucy lined up all of her breakfast companions.

She arrived at the playground in style on Tuesday evening. I don't know how she manages to look cool as a cucumber in this heat and humidity!

Play hard, rest hard . . . on the dirty rug by the front door.

I gave Emmy a bath for the first time on Tuesday! I think I've mentioned before that I really REALLY dislike bath time. I think that by the end of the day I'm just done. Matty is the bath master around here, and we both like it that way! He was golfing on Tuesday, though, and Em didn't go to my mom's like usual . . . so I had to bathe this chubby little thing!

When eating bread dipped in tomato soup, the dress comes off! It's much easier for me to wipe up a bare tummy than to get tomato soup stains out of clothes.

Two things about this picture: 1. How cute is that headband?! I ordered it from Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. I just got one to see how I liked it . . . and I LOVE it! I already ordered two more colors. 2. This baby rolled over while I wasn't looking!! I put her on her tummy in front of the mirror and then turned around to do Lucy's hair. When I turned back to check on her, she was on her back! I got super excited and rolled her back on to her tummy to see if she'd do it again .  . . but nothing! 

We tried to play outside yesterday after dinner, but it was just too hot. So we came inside for snuggles instead.

Lucy was super excited to be going to bed in a Minnie shirt that used to be her cousin Sadie's. 

We've had a super busy week, and I'm definitely looking forward to our trip to the cottage this weekend. Everyone sleeps so much better after a day out on the boat, and I enjoy the change of scenery.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Weekend Recap

Phew! It seems like we've done a lot since last week's post. Here we go!

Lucy started gymnastics on Thursday and loved it!

I was so proud not only that she did a back roll over, but also that she let Coach Lynette help her. 

At the end of class when Coach Lynette asked where Lucy wanted her stamps, she said "On my legs!"

Torn between wanting to hold her for her entire nap and needing to get some chores done. 

Emily's getting so close to rolling over!

On Friday, Lucy and I went to the Wyandotte Street Fair together. She picked out this adorable cow stuffie, which rode in the stroller more than she did. 

And there were SO MANY adorable hair bows. I tried to get her to get one with ladybugs . . . or rainbows . . . or polka dots. But, nope, the only bow she had eyes for was a Ninja Turtle one!

We had friends coming over for dinner Friday night, so I hadn't planned on staying long at my parents after the fair. But Lucy was having such a good time playing with her cousins so we stayed for awhile. She had a great time doing puzzles with Gordie and Oma . . . 

 . . . while Aunt Carla played with Emmy. 

I really hadn't planned on swimming, so I didn't have suits for either of us, or Lucy's life jacket, but I threw a swim diaper on her and relied on my dad and a giant walrus to keep her afloat. 

She discovered the goggles and swim masks!

Lucy is behind the giant walrus. Sadie is so great with Lucy and made sure to stay right by her. 

Swimming with Pop!

Look at this cutie trying to get away from Pop!

So after a hot morning at the fair and then a hotter afternoon out by the pool, I drove my two non-napping girls home and tried to quickly clean and vacuum before our friends came over. I also really needed to hop in the shower and rinse off. Emmy was FUSSY so I put her in the carrier and she went right to sleep. But then Lucy was whining about wanting to be held. And I needed to vacuum and clean the bathrooms. Somehow I got it all done, and our friends ended up running a little late so I had time to shower too. Bonus!

Emmy's new chair arrived on Saturday morning!

Lucy has a super cute pink tricycle that she got for her birthday, but it's still too big for her to pedal on her own. We saw this little trike outside at a garage sale on Friday, and Matty stopped to get it on his way home. It was only $6!! When we showed it to Lucy on Saturday morning she hopped right on and pedaled away. It was so cute!

We are working on having her look forward rather than down at her feet. 

That's better!

Miss Emmy Roses took a nice nap in the carrier while we rode around in the park. 

Lucy kept steering into the grass on the narrow path around the park, so we took her to the back parking lot to get some more room. I had FaceTimed my parents so they could see Lucy ride her bike, and I'm in the background holding up my phone to show them how empty the park was on a beautiful Saturday morning. 

We went to Grandma Ri's for dinner and ordered in some Mexican food. Lucy opted for a peanut butter sandwich and fruit. #shemightnotbemydaughter

Lucy brought her tricycle and did a great job riding it several blocks to the Tot Lot in Grandma Ri's neighborhood. Emmy got to sit in the shade while we played. 

Back at Grandma Ri's, Emmy snuggled her elephant and watched some baseball. 

We have been doing curbside pick up quite a bit lately, but Sunday morning we did a family trip to the grocery. 

And took three rides on the penny pony!

Remember how I said Lucy has been obsessed with her Little People figures lately? Well we took all of them in her backpack when we went to visit Grandma Ri. While packing up to leave, I accidentally forgot to pack her doggie. When we got home that night Lu got right into the tub and then to bed, and then we went to the grocery as soon as she got up Sunday morning. So, when she finally was able to sit down with her toys, the first thing she said was, "Where's my doggie?" about twenty times! #uhoh

Matty and I said that the doggie decided to stay at Grandma Ri's for a sleepover and to play with her birdie statue (which Lucy really likes). Lu was not having it and went right into meltdown mode. We FaceTimed Grandma Ri, and I took a screen shot of my phone because Lucy crying for her doggie while Rita showed her that it was playing with the bird was just too funny. Oh, and Rita ended up coming over for dinner tonight to that the doggie could come home!

And that was our weekend! We have a very busy week ahead, with an outing planned every single day. I like to stay busy, but it's also exhausting! Play dates, doctor appointments, Kindermusik, gymnastics, and swimming . . . all crammed into the next five days.

Have a great week!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Life Lately: Hot, Humid, and Rainy Edition

Which means we haven't been outside much. I just can't bring myself to put Emmy in the carrier or in the stroller when it's 85 degrees and 90% humidity. Plus, Lu is going through a weird phase where she only wants to play inside with her toys. Fun for her, BORING for me. She constantly asks me to come and play with her, but what she really means is "come sit next to me and don't touch my toys." Some weeks are good, some are bad. I'd call this one mediocre at best.

Monday morning started off dark and wet. It was wet outside due to the huge storm we got, and it was wet inside from all of Lucy's darn tears. From the moment she woke up she was FUSSY, and everything set off the waterworks. It took lots of extra snuggles . . . and patience . . . to get our day going.

Lucy wanted me to read books to her . . . and only her. Nice try, girlie, but you've got a little sister now! This is the only position I could find where she was happy to read books with Emmy around. 

Hello, beautiful/chubby baby!

My view while feeding Emily. "I doing gymnastics, momoo!" She starts gymnastics for real this morning. Heaven help us!

I joined the family Kindermusik class so that I could take both girls instead of getting a sitter for Emily. Em did a great job and already has a reputation as the girl who takes all the stuffies!

Look at her holding on to two shakers!

These pictures made me laugh. Emmy's neck control at 3 months is way better than Lucy's was at like 5 months. 

The baby in the headband is Lucy at her first Kindermusik class at 4 months old. That's as high as she could lift her poor head and could only hold it up for a second or two. Thank goodness for physical therapy!

Now look at her . . . two years later and she has excellent neck control! ;) The kiddos were supposed to be tapping their knees, but Lucy was ever so gently tapping Emily's head!

Super excited to get a fish shaker!

Matty has golf on Tuesdays, and I refuse to cook dinner since he isn't home. Lucy and I went to pick up some of our favorite Chicken Lemon Rice soup, and she dressed to impress! Sunnies on, sparkle shoes on the wrong feet, and a cross body purse. Inside the purse was one of her most prized stuffies: New Seal Pup. Now, New Seal Pup is actually a turtle, but for some reason Lu thinks it's a seal pup. She started calling him NEW seal pup so as not to be confused with a stuffie that is now called Old Seal Pup . . . and is actually a seal pup. You follow? I'll take a picture sometime and show you.

Two adorable girlies getting ready for their baths. 

And they were right back at it yesterday morning!

That grip is getting good!

The bus! Where do I even begin? Aunt Carla and Uncle Zack got Lucy this bus last Christmas. About two months ago she started filling it with all of her Little People. She also has a Little People airplane that she fills up as well. She is OBSESSED. For the past two months, the bus, the airplane, and her basket of Little People are basically all the entertainment she needs. She's been riding the bus around the house for a while now, which is super hilarious, but I'm seriously worried she's going to break it and then her world will end. When I saw this (much more appropriately sized) ride on pony listed for $5 on a mom to mom Facebook site, I knew I had to get it! She likes it, and . . . . BONUS . . . now she likes to put her Little People into the yellow bucket on the front! #mamawin

How did people know if their babies were asleep before selfies were invented??

My friend Marie recently had an online book party for Usborne books. If you've never heard of this publisher, they have fantastic books for kids. I exercised A LOT of self control and only ordered two books for Lucy and one little box set of black and white contrast books for Emmy. Even though the look on her face might say otherwise, we had a good time reading them. 

And that's all she wrote. It's currently 10:05 on Wednesday evening as I finish up this post. I finished a workout a little bit ago and need to hit the shower. I'm trying REALLY hard to get myself back into a workout routine. The "you just had a baby!" excuse can only last so long. Unfortunately, the only chunk of uninterrupted time I can get to workout is late in the evening after the girls are asleep and the chores are done. I could try to do it at nap time, but Emmy is still a bit inconsistent with how long she sleeps, and half the time Lu doesn't nap at all! I tried to workout last weekend while Em was sleeping and Lucy was playing. It was very comical, and Matty took a video. If I didn't look so ridiculous I'd show it to you. Lu was hanging all over me saying, "Don't do that momoo, stop momoo" and trying to hug me. Cute, yes, but not productive.

Is everyone rested up after a marathon day of Prime shopping?? Early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale starts today for those of us with the Nordstrom Card. Prime Day and the Anniversary Sale all in one week . . . this is what I've been training for!! ;) It's time to hunker down, make my lists, and get some Christmas shopping done! Now, who wants to watch my girls today so I can focus up? Jk. Sort of. 

We are looking forward to another low key weekend. I can't wait!

Have a good one!