Thursday, February 22, 2018

Life Lately: The Flu Part Deux

Not for us, thank goodness! #knockonwood

We were supposed to meet Sarah, Brian, Tommy, and Eleanor at the cottage this weekend, but poor Sarah started not feeling well on Tuesday night, was officially diagnosed with the flu yesterday, and is out of commission for 48 hours. After we made the stomach flu a family affair a few weeks ago, we aren't messing around with the real deal flu . . . so our cottage weekend got cancelled.  :(

In other news, Lucy spent a good amount of time "fixing" Emmy's activity table. This little lady is definitely an engineer in the making. 

Emmy loves her pacifier, but we never give it to her outside of her crib. It's for naps and bedtime only. I think she's starting to compensate by carrying this pancake around in her mouth! I took this picture the other day after she had been carrying it around like this for ten minutes!

The cutest little kitchen helper ever! 

Lucy's school had a field trip to Funtastic on Tuesday, which is one of Lucy's favorite places ever. This isn't the greatest picture of her, but I included it to show how curly her pigtails were! It was warm, rainy, and humid on Tuesday. Super weird for February . . . but her hair knew exactly what to do. #shegetsitfromhermama

Lucy went on the monkey bars over and over . . . and over and over and over. Her little friend Senna is probably thinking, "Seriously? I have to wait for Lucy again?!"

This was a two hour field trip, and all of the classes from Lucy's school were invited. She gets really overwhelmed with a lot of people, so I expected her to only last a little bit. Well, she surprised me and we stayed the whole two hours! She was a little clingy for the first half, but by the end (of course!) she actually went up to her classmates and asked them if they wanted to play with her. It was the cutest thing ever, and I was so proud of her!

Lucy found a little sequin heart on the ground and was showing it to her friend Ana. 

Our grill isn't out yet, but the weather was so mild on Tuesday that Matty took our cast iron skillet outside with our hot plate and made some hamburgers. It was done raining by dinner time, but Lucy need her umbrella just in case!

She eventually got bored with the food prep and made her way to the back fence where the big, muddy puddles were! Surprisingly, I really didn't care about how messy she was getting!

Matty's birthday was yesterday, and my mom left gifts for him when she was over here babysitting on Tuesday. He opened them up in the evening with his cute little helper. Matty was excited for his new beer glass, Lulu was excited for the bubble wrap!

Emily was excited about the big yellow ribbon on the luggage that my parents bought Matty. 

Lucy's favorite activity lately is to wash her tea party dishes in the sink. I used to really dislike doing it with her, but, it turns out that if I just tell myself that it's going to be a giant mess and that it'll all get cleaned up when she's done, I'm actually ok with it! 

For the first time ever, Emily was a real stinker during lunch yesterday! I put pb&j and some blueberries on her tray. She usually shoves them into her mouth by the handful, but instead she decided to throw them off of her tray piece by piece. The dogs loved it, I did not! Then I gave her some graham crackers, and after she chewed them she spit them out and rubbed it all over her face! #naughtybaby

Grandma Rita came over yesterday afternoon and brought a sticker book for Lucy. It kept her busy for about fifteen minutes!

The girls got Matty a massage for his birthday, and Lucy had no problem opening up his card and pulling the gift card out for him!

There's a little look at life lately. I'm not sure what our weekend holds now that we'll be at home instead of the cottage. I do know that since Matty decided to work on Friday since we aren't going, I am taking advantage of having both grandmas being available. They are both going to watch the girls on Friday so that I can have some "me" time. I'm not sure what that entails yet, but I know I'll figure it out!


Sunday, February 18, 2018

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! 

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was pretty low key, which is always a good thing!

We had a very mild day on Thursday which can only mean one thing . . . time to pick up the dog poop! Lucy and I went out during Emmy's afternoon nap. It started raining while we were outside, and one of us was more prepared than the other!

Miss Roses was fixing herself a snack while I got lunch ready. She will pull herself up on anything and everything these days!

I've been trying REALLY hard to get back in to some sort of fitness routine. The other night I chose to forgo the treadmill and try a pilates youtube video I'd heard good things about. I felt pretty silly doing it all alone instead of in a class setting . . . and even sillier when Matty showed me he had snapped a pic while I was doing it!

I visited with my friend Amber and her sweet baby girl, Sydney, on Friday morning. Isn't she the cutest little thing?!

The girls hung out at my parents' house while I was visiting Amber. When I got home, someone had turned my Lucy Belle into a pretty pretty princess! She was so excited to wear earrings. 

Emmy Roses is a MAJOR snuggler, and I love it! When I pick her up out of her high chair after each meal, she gives me the sweetest snuggles, she'll often crawl up and lay her head in my lap when I'm sitting on the floor, and on Saturday morning she pulled Lucy's smock down off the chair and cuddled up on the floor with it. 

We played at the library on Saturday morning, and Lucy loves this little reading nook. 

As we were walking out, Emily discovered the tiny tunnel kids can use to get in and out of the kids' area, so we let the girls have some fun for a few more minutes. 

Snort hasn't been feeling well and doesn't seem to want to eat in the mornings. On Sunday, Lucy took his bowl of kibble, sat down with him, and fed him piece by piece. It was adorable. 

My Aunt Donna is turning 60 this week, and we celebrated on Sunday afternoon. 

Emmy stayed home with Grandma Ri to nap during the party, but she was excited to get the cute little book that Aunt Donna sent home for her. 

We are headed to the cottage next weekend. Lucy is too big for the pack n play, but not quite ready to sleep in a big girl bed in a room by herself yet. We ordered this toddler air mattress for her to use in our bedroom at the lake. We blew it up tonight to try it out, and I think it's going to be great. Unfortunately, Lucy was not happy that Ems crawled in with her and we had to put the bed away only five minutes after blowing it up. 

This was thirty minutes after Lucy went to bed on Sunday night. She was not tired and decided to stack up her stuffies instead. And then she yelled for me repeatedly until I came in to see. #gotosleep

We have a pretty fun week ahead of us. The new Pinkalicious show debuts on PBS tomorrow morning, a school field trip to Funtastic, Matty's birthday, and a trip to the cottage on Friday morning! Woo hoo!

It's supposed to be warmer and rainy this week, too. Stay dry!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Big 3-0-0!!

Today's post is my 300th post! 

In honor of such a big day . . . here's 300 things you don't know about Lucy and Emily.


If you'd like to take a trip down memory lane, though, here's the link to my first post ever. I'm glad I've learned how to format the pictures and wording better! I never really thought I'd be blogging this long and this consistently, but I love it! It's kind of turned into an online diary for me, so thank you to everyone who continues to support me as I ramble on and on . . . and on and on and on . . . about my day to day life!

Just a little bit of life lately today because it's Valentine's Day evening as I type this, and I'd like to snuggle on the couch with my special guy and watch some Shameless before I inevitably fall asleep and he switches to something else. 

I had to take Emmy Roses to the doctor last week. I had her strapped into her infant carseat in the stroller, and we happened to run into her doctor again as we were walking out. She commented that it was looking like it was time to move Ems out of the infant seat and into a regular carseat. I didn't disagree, but I knew I was going to miss the convenience of being able to have Emily strapped in her seat in the house. Matty switched the seats on Sunday, and so far it hasn't been too bad. Lucy waits on the stairs in the garage while I put Emily in her seat first. It'll be much nicer in the spring and summer when our garage floor isn't so dirty and I can let Lucy walk to the car on her own and climb up into her seat. 

We got tomato soup from Panera for lunch on Monday, and the girls were pretty happy about it!

I wrote a little update in each of girls' baby books this week. Emmy's was pretty typical . . . 

 . . . and I decided to write the truth in Lucy's book! Someday when she grows up, she needs to know that she went through a mean phase!

Very rarely do I leave the house between dinner and bedtime. I had an errand to run on Monday night, however, and the girls stayed home with Matty. At first I assumed Matty staged this photo, but he swears that Emily crawled over and planted herself right by the garage door. 

And then Lucy joined her, and they peeked into the garage to see if I was back yet. #sweetgirls

Lucy enjoyed watching Trolls with her new Princess Poppy headband!

Time to move the mattress down to the bottom level . . . Miss Roses isn't letting her sleep sack stop her from standing up!

I'm pretty sure Emily and the dingos licked every pouch while it was out, but at least I was able to get dinner ready. 

Lucy's Valentine's Day breakfast!

Someone didn't want to wake up from her morning nap. How sweet is her little hand holding onto her lovie? #pinkalicious

I was planning on taking the girls to the library to play yesterday, but Lucy insisted that she wanted to go to the mall and play. #donthavetoaskmetwice

How big does she look in this picture?!

My sweet girls had the play area to themselves for a little bit, and they actually played together!

We have a low-key weekend ahead of us, which I don't mind at all!  I need to find a new book to read because I finished this one, and it was fantastic. 

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love holidays!

All holidays. 

As a teacher, I loved doing little crafts or activities with my students for every holiday, and now as a mama I'm enjoying it even more with my girls.

I know that a lot of people don't care for Valentine's Day and think it is a Hallmark holiday, and that's fine, I guess. But I'm not one of those people! Yes, I love my family each and every day of the year, but, in my opinion, there's nothing wrong with having a special day once a year to help us remember to SHOW and SAY how much we love them. Because a gentle reminder to appreciate your loved ones never hurt anybody! Nor did chocolates or candy, for that matter!

So, we've been gearing up for Valentine's Day for a little over a week now, and I thought I'd show you what we've been up to. 

I randomly decided to do a photo shoot with the girls a few weekends ago, and I think the pictures turned out pretty cute! (Side note: For some reason these are looking a little blurry when I enlarge them on the blog. When I enlarge them on my computer and zoom in they are totally clear. Not sure what the trouble is, but I assure you they aren't blurry in real life!)

I put together a little Valentine card to send to some family members. I normally use Meijer for these random cards, but their Valentine's Day templates left a LOT to be desired, so I used Walmart instead and was really happy with them. 

I also helped the girls make Valentines for their grandparents. They used their hands to make fish for my dad . . . 

 . . . and their feet to make bears for the grandmas. 

Look who else had Valentine pictures taken . . . Eleanor and Tommy! Their professional background puts mine to shame. I think it's the cutest thing ever! But maybe not as cute as E's face in this picture. 

For her school party, Lucy worked very hard decorating the cards we bought for her teachers. When I was teaching, I always appreciated little thoughtful gifts from students, so I got each teacher a Panera gift card to put inside the Valentines and called it a day. 

I bought an assortment of these adorable ducks from Amazon for Lucy to give to her classmates at school. 

Each friend got a duck and a piece of candy.

Here's Lucy at school enjoying a snack with her classmates. 

Carla sent me these pics of the kiddos working on their Valentines. Everyone was in prep mode this week!

My mom was over yesterday to watch Emily while I took Lucy to school, so she brought Valentine's Day treats for the girls . . . along with some treats that Aunt Carla sent as well!

My mom made Lucy a Princess Poppy headband!

And Aunt Carla got the girls the cutest snack cups with snacks to go in them. I didn't take the greatest pictures, but Lu got a ladybug and Emmy got a butterfly cup. 

Lucy wanted Oma to give it a try!

Emily dutifully sat and listened while Oma read her card to her. 

My parents got her a cute little bath toy, but really they just needed to give her the tissue paper. 

Who cares about the snack cup from Aunt Carla . . . . open up these puffs!!!

 We'll be celebrating with the girls later tonight when Matty gets home from work. I ordered them each a little something from Amazon. Lucy is getting this pony play set. It's actually pretty small, and unzips to lay completely flat into a little play mat for the horse. 

And Miss Roses is getting this adorable plush kitchen play set. I ordered it on Sunday, and it's currently out of stock, but it's so cute I might order one as a gift for some other baby girls I know if it comes back in stock. 

And finally, I was at Target with Lucy yesterday and she spotted this cute heart bear . . . and I immediately had a flashback to February of 2016 when she saw a similar bear. Yes, it's adorable. No, we're not buying it. 

I hope everyone has a great day. Do something nice for someone you love . . . it'll make you happy! 

We'll be having a frittata for dinner because it lends itself nicely to being cut with a heart shaped cookie cutter. #cantstop #wontstop.