Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!!

We have so much to be thankful for again this year. Everyone is happy, healthy, and we are celebrating our first Thanksgiving as a family of four!

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us out this year. We couldn't have survived our first three months of Emily Roses without the help, love, and support of our friends and family.

We are so thankful for everyone in our lives, and I couldn't possibly take the time to find pictures of everyone we need to thank . . . mainly because Emily keeps waking up crying so I really need to wrap this up. 

We'll be spending our Thanksgiving with a relaxing morning at home followed by a delicious feast at my parents' house in the afternoon. 

So much to be thankful for . . . 

And I'm especially thankful for this guy. Matty works so hard so that I can stay home with the girls everyday. He supports me 100% (except for maybe those nighttime wake ups!), and accepts the crazy emotional rollercoaster that motherhood has turned me into. He is the best daddy to our little girls, and I am so darn THANKFUL to have him by my side. 

I hope everyone has a great day.
 I'll be passing right by the turkey and hitting up all the side dishes! #cornbreadcasserole #carbqueen

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Weekend Recap

We had a very productive weekend of Christmas decorating! Emily spent the day and night at my parents' house on Saturday, which made decorating about a thousand times easier than it would have been with a baby crawling around. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. I'm gonna start things off strong with the amazing dinner I made for my family on Thursday. 

Not! So Chicken Paprikash is one of our favorite meals . . . when made by Matt's mom! You may recall that last Wednesday was Rita's birthday, and she said she'd rather make US dinner than have us take her out. Um, ok! Rita came over with all the fixings on Wednesday, but ended up not feeling well and went home instead. I didn't want the food to go to waste, so I decided to give it a try on Thursday. I guess it was a bit overzealous of me to take on such a big meal all by myself . . . while also entertaining two children!

The prep work actually went smoother than expected, and I got everything into the pan to simmer and was feeling like a superwife . . . until it came time to uncover everything and make the gravy. Turns out I had simmered the meal on too high of heat, and the chicken was burned on the bottom. 

I decided to go ahead an try to make the gravy anyways. Bad idea. I believe when Matty tried it he said, "How can it taste THAT bad?" #oops #mamatried #neveragain

I took the girls to Sky Zone for Toddler Time with my friend Leslie and her three kiddos . . . and we had the place to ourselves! It's usually pretty crowded, so this was a treat. You may recall from previous posts that Lucy has been going through a difficult phase lately, so I had really low expectations about this play date. I basically told myself I was taking her to Sky Zone so she'd have a different location to throw her tantrums. Well, she surprised the pants off of me by doing a GREAT job! Not only did she leave my side, she spoke to Leslie, initiated play with Catherine, and even held her hand as they ran around! 

They pretended to have a parade and then sat down for "story time." You guys, I seriously thought I was going to cry tears of thankfulness and relief. After the previous ten days we'd had, along with a challenging conversation with Lu's doctor, I was at the end of my rope. . . and then it's like Lucy flipped a switch and my sweet girl was back!

After jumping for about ten minutes, she was ready to stop for a snack!

Since it wasn't crowded, even the adorable babies got to play around!

Emily had skipped her morning nap and passed out as soon as I put her in the car to drive home.

After nap/rest time I loaded the girls back up and we headed to Target. This was the first time I had Emily in the cart when Lucy was with me, and they did a great job! They were both too interested in the new Starbucks to look at the camera, though. 

After putting Emily in the car and loading all of our Target purchases, I was standing behind my car holding Lucy's hand and was about to go put her in the car when this gray car pulled right in next to me (even though there were lots of other available spots). The lady opened her door (which tapped my car, by the way), got out, and walked away without even looking at me. The perspective might be a bit off, but there was no way I could open the door to get Lucy in, so I had to take Emily out of the car, and crawl in from that side with Lucy to strap her in, and then put Emily back in.  #thanksalotlady
Oh, and while I'm venting about parking lots, you know what I don't get? Those signs that say the close spots are reserved for mothers with newborns. Newborns are a piece of cake to shop with! You know what's hard to handle in the parking lot? . . . a fussy toddler who wants to jump around instead of walk, and makes her arms go limp like noodles when you try to pick her up. The signs in the close spots should say, "This spot reserved for moms with fussy toddlers who have to run in to the store really quick because it's unavoidable. You can do it!" I think they'd have to make the signs bigger, though.  ;)

Apparently Matty and Lucy have a great time in the car. I'm assuming they were at a red light when this was taken. Also, Lucy's newest thing is taking off her socks and shoes in the car. It's always something!

Decorating our silly little tree. I've said it before and I'll say it again . . . as soon as our naughty dogs pass on to the dingo farm in the sky, we are getting the biggest, most beautiful artificial tree you've ever seen!

I picked up our annual personalized ornaments a few weeks ago, and they are so cute! 

After a long day of decorating on Saturday, we took Lucy out for dinner. She wasn't cooperating for pictures, but she did a great job eating lots of bread and a little bit of her noodles and sauce. Also, they had grilled salmon on the kiddie menu. I would like to know the exact number of kids who have ordered that! #zero

Still not cooperating for pictures, but Lucy enjoyed a little ice cream for a treat after dinner. 

It was so easy to put one child to bed . . .and then collapse on the couch and enjoy the fruits of our decorating labor. 

Lucy slept in on Sunday morning (thank you, Baby Jesus!) and then we ran some errands right away. She wore her pj's and one of my big statement necklaces and enjoyed some Tim Bits in the cart. Being a two-year-old must be awesome!

She had not one, not two, but THREE penny pony rides while Matty waited in line to buy our groceries. 

Lucy and I went to pick up Emily on Sunday afternoon. Lu was playing with blocks while my mom and I were talking, and when I looked over she had made this all by herself. Apparently, she was as impressed as I was!

And that's all she blogged. This post has been pieced together in between going in to rock Emily because she keeps waking up. Every night I tell myself that this is the night I'm going to start sleep training and letting her cry it out. But then I just can't do it! Her cry is so loud and sad sounding . . . and she's my last baby to rock! 

I'm looking forward to having Matty home two extra days this week! #woo #hoo

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all! I'm planning to do a special post, but I also have to finish my 400 chocolate chip cookies for Friday so we shall see!


Friday, November 17, 2017

Gifts for the Ladies!

I put together a selection of some gifts I've received this year, given this year, and hope to get this year! With the exception of #8, they are all fun, "frivolous" gifts because, in my opinion, Christmas is a time to ask for fun gifts that make you smile!

1. Philosophy Purity Face Cleanser: I used Aveeno face wash for YEARS. I never felt the need to try anything else. But then I got a sample of Philosophy Purity Face Cleanser with a purchase I had made, and I never looked back. This does a great job of getting all of my makeup off, and it leaves my face feeling nice and clean but not dry or tight. 

2. Fossil Purse: This beauty is at the top of my list this year. Have I been a good girl? I did birth a baby this year, and I feel like that should count for something. I guess only time will tell! I usually just throw my wallet, keys, and lip balm in the girls' diaper bag. However, on the rare occasion that I do get out of the house without the girls, I love to have a purse ready and waiting. I've been using a tote style purse for some time now, and I'm excited to (hopefully!!) switch to a cross body. 

3. Under Armour Fleece Popover: I actually bought this a few weeks ago, and I LOVE it. I would wear it every day if I could. It's so cozy and the perfect length. I have the navy blue color, but the black one is calling my name as well. 

4. Sperry Quilted Rain Boots: These are, admittedly, a splurge . . . but isn't that what Christmas is about? Or, in my case, a random day in October? Yep, I ran to 12 Oaks one day and these babies called my name. I'm so glad I didn't ignore them, because they are awesome! They are so comfy and warm, and I can totally see myself wearing these in the snow as well. Also, in my opinion, they are a little more stylish than Hunter boots, which are great for splashing around the park with your toddler or picking up dog poop in the winter . . . but maybe not so great for going out to dinner on a rainy/slushy night. 

5. Vera Bradley Planner: I am a planner girl through and through. You won't ever catch me plugging something into a list or the calendar on my phone. I have to write it out and get the satisfaction of crossing it off! That being said, I'm also extremely picky about the planner I use. I was in Hallmark the other night and saw this Vera Bradley planner and loved it. If my mom hadn't already purchased my annual Simplified Planner for me for Christmas, I would definitely choose this one! It's super cute and a little cheaper than the Simplified Planner. Oops! Sorry, mom!

6. Stitch Fix Subscription: I don't know much about this except that people pick out my clothes for me and send them to me in the mail! haha In addition to my pre-baby figure, I seem to also have lost my pre-baby style (did I ever really have any??). Unless it involves leggings and a tunic, it's not really on my fashion radar these days. I think this would be a great way to expand my wardrobe without having to do any work!

7. Nail Polish: You really can't go wrong with nail polish, and it makes a great stocking stuffer. This color is just begging to be worn in the winter months. 

8. Black and Decker Cordless Hand Vac: This was my absolute favorite Christmas gift that I got last year! If you have babies/toddlers/kids/dogs in your house, you need this vacuum! I keep it plugged in behind a table in our living room and grab it all the time to vacuum underneath our kitchen table. 

9. Books: I've been on a big Kristan Higgins kick lately. Her books kind of play out like Hallmark movies, but that's exactly what I want when I'm rocking a baby at 3am and trying to stay awake. I've read On Second Thought and all of the books in her Blue Heron series. They do not disappoint!

And finally, the must have gift of the holiday season?? . . . .This robe!

I wear a robe every single day. I put it on in the middle of the night when I'm up with one of the girls, and I put it on after my shower in the morning while I get ready. I've had many robes in my day, but none have been as amazing as this one. It's like I'm being wrapped up in a hug by a warm bunny. And you can quote me on that! Just the other night I was rocking Lucy and thought she had fallen asleep. All of a sudden she sat up and said, "Your robe is comfy cozy, Momoozle." #iknow

Thanks for checking out my gift ideas.
Happy Shopping!


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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Life Lately

Hey, Friends! Happy Thursday!

I feel like I don't get to say this very often, but is this week flying by or is it just me? I guess it's not a bad thing, because that means we're getting closer to Thanksgiving break! #daddyshome

We started off our week with a trip to Kohl's and then to the doctor for Emmy's flu shot. That's right . . . two errands in one morning!

Surprisingly, Lucy loved this giant guy on display at Kohl's. I made sure to leave early to allow plenty of time for tantrums . . . but we didn't have any . . . which means it was no big deal for Lucy to play around with this guy for ten minutes. 

Nemo had to join in on the pictures as well. I wonder if her pictures with Santa will go this well!?

Emily had been fussy all morning and FINALLY fell asleep . . . about ten minutes before her flu shot appointment. 

Who is this big girl checking out the aquarium?!

Nap time, oh nap time . . . where for art though, nap time??

We walked in to school on Tuesday morning, and Lucy sat down and said, "We can take a picture here, momoozle." #thatsmygirl

Mrs. Tammy brought out the dress up clothes!!

Oh. My. Word. 
Lucy's very first school picture, and Matty and I are obsessed with it! haha

Tuesday was a beautiful day . . . cool, but sunny. We headed to the playground before dinner time to burn off some energy. Or just sit in the stroller. 

I wanted a picture of the girls in their matching hats. I asked Lucy to come stand by the stroller, and she yelled, "No, no, no!" For those of you who have been around us lately, I'm sure you can picture exactly how she said it. It's not nice. 

Lucy wanted to push Miss Roses around in the stroller. I really want to think that she would have stopped before running Em into the tree if I hadn't stopped her first. 

And then Dadoozle showed up at the park on his way home from work and made Lucy's day!

This little lady loves a good tummy tickle before her bath. 

Emily eats mashed up bananas all the time, but yesterday I gave her banana pieces instead. Judging from that face, maybe I accidentally gave her lemons!

Emily has had about a week's worth of poor sleeping at night and unbelievable amounts of poop during the day! TMI? sorry! Anyhoo, after a particularly bad night on Tuesday I decided to check in with the doctor yesterday, and she had me bring Emily in to have her ears checked for an ear infection. No ear infection, thank goodness, but possibly a small bug that's making her fussy, spit up, and poop. #lovely

Also, she weighed in at 22 pounds. #whoa

Lucy pulled her old mobile out of the closet and played it for Emily. A rare, sweet moment!

Pointing out all the things her baby needs from the American Girl Doll catalog. The list is long . . . get ready Santa!

Yesterday was Grandma Ri's birthday, but, unfortunately, she was feeling under the weather and was not able to celebrate. Lucy celebrated anyways and really enjoyed the ice cream that we were supposed to eat! And yogurt raisins. And fruit snacks. On second thought, this picture does not reflect well on my mothering. Please forget you saw it!

Daddy took a picture of Lucy in her crib . . . 

 . . . and then Lucy got to take a picture of daddy!

We have Lucy's 2.5 year check up today. I'm excited to not only get her stats, but also to sit down with the doctor and get some suggestions/reassurances about some of Lucy's recent behaviors. Can a child really survive on mac and cheese, yogurt, and fruit snacks?? I'll get the answer today! haha

Have a great weekend. I'm trying to decide if I should bake and freeze the remaining 200 cookies I have to bake (I already have 200 in the freezer!) or decorate for Christmas. Most likely a little bit of both.