Sunday, May 20, 2018


aka "Turtle Beach."

So a few month ago, Matty and I decided we wanted to take Lucy on a little trip. We looked at quite a few different destinations, one of which was Myrtle Beach. Lucy overheard us talking about it one day, and said she couldn't wait to go to Turtle Beach.

Well, in the spirit of the ongoing and never ending debate of should we stay, should we move, should we build . . . we decided to do something a little more economical and just go to Frankenmuth instead. Lucy still had it in her head that we were going to Turtle Beach, so we just let it ride. Thank goodness that the first thing we saw when we walked into the indoor waterpark at Zehnder's was a giant turtle with water pouring out of its mouth! We really were at Turtle Beach! ;)

So on Friday morning, Matty drove Emmy down to my parents' house while Lucy and I ran a few errands. Then we had a delicious lunch at Barrio before hitting the road to Frankenmuth. It's hard to tell because she has her glasses on, but Lucy slept most of the way. 

We stayed at Zehnder's Splash Village, and Lucy helped carry in her VIP stuffies. 

We checked in and hit the waterpark right away. I have zero pictures of us at either of the waterparks we went to. There wasn't a good place to leave our phones, so we just left them in the safe in our rooms. Trust me when I tell you that Lucy was in Heaven. 

After some swimming, we got cleaned up and walked into town to find some dinner.  As we were walking by the Bavarian Inn, I noticed a bunch of people were standing and looking at the clock with their phones out. I glanced at my phone and saw it was 5:59pm, so I assumed something awesome must happen at 6:00. It was just bells playing, though. 

We sat outside at a restaurant in the Bavarian Inn courtyard, and eventually the clock did open up and little statues came out while a story was playing. The only way for Lu to see it was to stand up in her chair. 

Milk and cheddar penguins for Lucy . . . and Oberon for mama! The weather was perfect on Friday evening, and we had a great time sitting outside. 

A band started playing, so Lucy took her drink to the bench near our table to sit and watch. 

And then would run back for a bite of her mac n cheese!

After dinner, we took Lulu on a carriage ride courtesy of Teddy the 2,000 pound horse!

Riding in the carriage! Lucy couldn't believe it didn't have doors. 

Saying goodbye to Teddy.

We decided to grab the shuttle back to our hotel, and Lucy got a kick out of riding for a few minutes without a carseat. 

We were awake in time to watch some of the Royal Wedding on Saturday! 

And then headed off to breakfast with Lucy's new penguin stuffy. 

While we were out to breakfast, this sweet girl was living it up at Andy's baseball game with Oma and Pop!

After breakfast, we checked out the other waterpark at Zehnder's. We stayed for a couple hours and even ate lunch there. When we got back to our room, Lucy asked for her pajamas, closed the curtain all by herself, climbed into bed for rest time . . . and fell asleep for 2.5 hours! Can we get a waterpark in our backyard at home???

We opened the curtain after nap time and saw that it was raining. Boo! We had planned on walking to Frankenmuth Brewery for dinner, but we had to drive instead. We got this gigantic, delicious pretzel as an appetizer!

Lucy enjoyed it. 

She also got a kick out of Frankie the Daschund, who was the brewery's mascot. 

The rain had stopped by the time we finished dinner . . . but oh, the humidity! My hair had a first class ticket on the hot mess express, so I won't be sharing any pictures of me!

We walked up and down Main Street for awhile, and Lucy enjoyed playing music on these instruments that were right on the street. 

We stopped in to get some fudge for Oma and Pop (and a few tastes for ourselves!), and Lucy grabbed herself a little hat. 

Sunday mornings are pretty easy when you get to lounge in your hotel bed and eat raisins while watching cartoons. 

We had to check out at 11, so Matty and Lucy just went for a quick swim in the regular indoor pool instead of the waterpark. They had the place to themselves, which was super nice.

We all loved her lemon bathing suit!

Lucy hitched a ride back to our room on a luggage cart . . . 

 . . . and played on it until it was time to load up and head for home. 

We stopped for a late breakfast where Lucy ate French Toast and tried syrup for the first time and devoured all the breakfast sausage. Then she made herself comfy for the ride home. 

Overall, we had a really great time! It was fun to get some one on one time with our biggest girl, but I missed Emmy Roses like crazy! 

My only regret? . . . We didn't make it to shop at Birch Run! How did I let that happen??

We have three days to hang out at home this week, and then I'll be packing everyone up to head to the cottage for Memorial Day on Thursday!

Have a great week!

Friday, May 18, 2018


There's no excuse for this post being a day late, other than I completely forgot to do a post for yesterday! #mombrain

Lucy has been rocking my world this week, and not in a good way. It's like the second she turned three something flipped in her brain, and she went coco loco! One second she's my sweet girl, and the next she's a raving lunatic who is mean as a snake. #seriously #butiloveher

Here's a little peek at what we've been up to.

Emmy finally figured out how to get on the car by herself!

This picture pretty much sums up their personalities this week. 

They were just playing a game after dinner, but I can't wait until they want to share a bed for real. 

Lucy's actual birthday was Tuesday, but Matty golfs on Tuesdays so we gave Lucy her presents Monday night.  We got her a sleeping bag, T-ball set, swim goggles, and a lunchbox. 

The sleeping bag was a big hit, and she's been sleeping in it on top of her bed all week. I had ordered one for like $45 on Amazon, but then saw this at Marshall's for $20 and made the switch. Yes, ma'am!

Happy to be three!!

Lucy got her birthday crown during circle time. I'll still be picking glitter out of her hair for weeks to come, I'm sure. 

We brought TimBits and strawberries for Lucy's birthday snack, and she had fun helping Mrs. T get everything ready. 

And then everyone sang Happy Birthday, and Lucy got to pretend to blow out the candles on the play cake. So cute!

I got these dresses from H&M for $5 each! Now that I know they fit great and wash up well, I might have to go back and pick up a few more. 

We had Oma, Pop, and Grandma Ri over for lunch on Lucy's actual birthday. This girl enjoyed her Moana cupcake!

And this girl enjoyed Lucy's birthday hat from Oma. 

It's a miracle we are both smiling in this picture. The night before her birthday, Lucy woke up at 1:30am and didn't go back to sleep until 5:30! I haven't gotten that little sleep in a long time, and I was feeling it by lunchtime. Someone wanted to watch Frozen, though, and I obliged since it was her birthday. I also may have dozed through most of it. 

And then the next day I had a first as a mama . . . I had to leave a class Lucy and I were at because of her behavior. And doesn't that look on her face tell it all?! She was laying on the floor, taking off her shoes, and running into their back room. But, the straw that broke this mama's back was when Lucy ran out of the back room and launched the teacher's inflatable bunny across the room.  #stoplaughing

The rest of the day was a little rocky, but we managed to make it out for a walk around the park and a stop at the playground. Where are their shoes?? 

Every now and again the girls will play nicely together for awhile. Yesterday, I heard lots of giggles coming from Emmy's room. I peeked in to see them taking turns ripping out the pop up portions of a book. I debated whether or not to lecture them on book abuse or just leave them alone and enjoy the fact that they were playing together. I left them alone. #dontjudgeme

My friend Nicole got both girls these adorable shirts, and I love them! Emmy wasn't feeling the picture, though. 

A rare, sweet moment. And look at those chubby legs on Ems!

Lucy and I worked on planting flowers while Emmy napped. When she wasn't flinging dirt out of the pots, she was a pretty good helper!

Allergies have hit the girls and me pretty hard this week. No, Emmy isn't crying, this is just how her poor little face was all day yesterday. Her eyes and nose would not stop running!

The allergies do not make for a restful sleep, and she woke up crying about an hour after she went to bed last night. She was so sweet that I just couldn't put her back down! But more importantly . . . check out my new nail polish! I love it! I was in Ulta the other day, and it jumped right out at me. It's a light iridescent lavender, and it's perfect with tan hands and toes! 

In other news, Carla has been sending me some super cute pictures of the kiddos lately. Sadie's face cracks me up in this one. 

The cutest Girl Scout ever!

I'm not really sure how this picture will ever be topped. Andy was so proud of his new baseball uniform!

So that's what we've been up to. 

We've got a big plans for the weekend. Emmy is heading to my parents' house, and Matty, Lucy, and I are headed to Frankenmuth for the weekend. We are going to let Lucy swim her little heart out at Zehnder's Splash Village, shop at Birch Run, and eat some yummy food . . . and fudge! Here's hoping this is just what the doctor ordered for Lucy and that maybe it will push the reset button on her behavior. #fingerscrossed

Have a great weekend!!