Sunday, March 18, 2018

RIP Snort

This is not the post I planned to write for today.

Our weekend did not turn out as planned because on Saturday morning we took both dogs to the vet for exams, and only came home with one. Poor Snort had been declining for quite some time now, and the vet said it was obvious that he was in quite a bit of pain. He was fourteen years old, and she said it was time to think about putting him down. There was no way we could bring him home knowing he was in so much pain, so we decided to go ahead and do it on Saturday. We know it was the right decision, but it was still very sad and very hard. 

So today's post is all about our sweet Snort dog.

Snort started out as Matty's Aunt Becky's dog. She lived around the lake from our cottage up north and found Snort walking around as a stray. She put up signs, but no one claimed him, so she kept him and gave him the name Snort. She also had a cat named Plop. Perhaps naming pets was not her strongest skill. ;)

The first time I saw Snort, he jumped out of Aunt Becky's car and started racing around the front yard at the cottage, and I was actually a little leery of him because he looked a little mean to me. I couldn't have been more wrong. He was sweet, cuddly, loyal, and listened so well. Matt immediately loved him, and every time we went to the cottage we'd either drive over to pick Snort up or Aunt Becky would let him out and Snort would run across the road to the dock and we'd pick him up by boat. 

Sadly, Aunt Becky passed away soon after Matty and I got married and moved to South Korea. Matt's parents took Snort until we moved back home. The night our plane landed, we picked up Snort and he was ours for the next twelve years. 

He really was the best dog. He didn't need a leash because he wouldn't dream of running away from us. We were able to teach him to sit, stay, roll over, and give high fives. And, most importantly, he LIVED for chasing the ball or the frisbee. . . on land or off the dock or boat into the water. 

Snort went everywhere with us. If we went to the grocery or the gym, he'd happily hop in the car and wait there while we were inside. One time, we left him in the car with a leftover container of ribs while we ran into Target. It turns out that even our amazing Snort couldn't resist the aroma of ribs, and we came back to a car covered in BBQ sauce!

When we moved into our first house, we had an electrician over during the day to install some ceiling fans while we were at work. When I checked in with him, he said everything was going great except that he'd left his McDonald's breakfast sandwich on the table and Snort ate it!

And then there was the time when I baked peanut butter cookies and left them in a glass cake dish on the middle of our kitchen table. When I got home from work the cake dish was teetering on the edge of the table, and every last cookie was gone!

Snort was so amazing that we decided we should get him another cattle dog buddy since he was alone all day long while we went to work. We got Sydney about six months after getting Snort. It turns out that all Australian Cattle Dogs are not created equal. Snort set the bar a little too high, and Sydney has never lived up to it. Don't get me wrong, Syd has her good qualities, but she just isn't as all around good as Snort was. 

Matty and I have this thing where we give a dog (and our children!) one nickname and then it just kind of evolves into another one . . . and another one. It's amazing anyone in our house ever comes when called. Snort had so many nickname over the years that I can't even remember all of them, but here are a few: Snorty, Snots, Snooter (courtesy of my Grandma Matzo!), Snoot, Snooty, Snog, Snoggy Doggy, Lord Snots A Lot, Big Dude, Big Duder, Bort, Bortman, Big Guy, Budward. 

This is one of my favorite pictures . . . Snort meeting my nephew, Andy, for the first time. This was nine years ago!

I'm the first to admit that I found the dogs to be a big pain in the butt once the girls were born. I couldn't leave toys on the floor, there's unbelievable amounts of dog hair everywhere, and they'd bark and wake up napping babies. However, when push came to shove, I love my dingos and am having a really hard time going about my day without Snort. The level of sadness I feel is actually quite surprising to me. One minute I'm feeling fine, and then the next minute Lucy waves at the sky and says, "Goodnight, Angel Snort," and the waterworks start all over again. 

I know it'll get easier with each passing day, and I look forward to the days when there's more joyful memories and less sadness. 

Here's hoping the upcoming week goes better than our weekend.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Life Lately

Happy Thursday!

As I type this, it's Wednesday afternoon and we're about thirty minutes into nap time/rest time. For the fourth day in a row, Emmy hasn't taken a morning nap and is currently crying in her crib instead of taking her afternoon nap. Lucy has been super clingy and is afraid to have rest time in her room because she won't know where I am. In light of these recent events, I would like to retract the statement I made in my previous post about owning Daylight Saving Time. Apparently, it's owning us, it just had a slightly delayed response time. 

All in all, though, it's been a pretty good week. We've been busy, which is making it fly by. 

I think Snort had a case of the Mondays.

 Brian, Tommy, Eleanor, and Grandma Ri all came over to play on Monday morning. 

Tommy loved pretending this table was a tunnel. 

Sweet little Elle . . . and a booty bomb by Emmy in the background.

She'll throw her sister off the chair without a moment of hesitation . . . but all Lucy wanted to do was love on Eleanor!

These cuties are only three months apart . . . but many, MANY pounds and inches apart. Also, they share a love for crazy printed pants and Copper Pearl bibs

Because Em's napping is so terrible this week, we had time to do a Target run before Matty got home on Monday. Lucy showed off her muscles by carrying both boxes of diapers into the bedrooms. 

This was 8:15 on Tuesday morning. Lucy and I had to leave for school by 9:00, so I had to wake them up. 

And they both needed a little time to wake up with their milk before facing the day. 

Lucy had a great time at school fishing . . . 

 . . . dancing with rainbow streamers . . . 

 . . . and wearing these glasses! How do I get her a pair of these for dress up?!

Matty went in to work a few hours late yesterday, and it was awesome to have him home for a bit. Emmy Roses and her glow worm helped him get some work done while Lu was still sleeping. 

Lucy put her phone in her shirt pocket, "Just like Pop!" 
Are my parents the only people in America to still have flip phones?

This happened yesterday, and you better believe I'm going to brag about it!

We went to open gym yesterday. This is the first time I've brought Emily and not worn her in the carrier. I don't think I'll bring her again until she's a little older, but she sure was cute!

Lucy and Amelia did the rings like pros. 

I got down in the pit with the girls while holding Emily, and a largely pregnant Marie stayed up top to help pull them up. We are either super awesome or just need to learn to say no. 

I made a smoothie for myself for lunch and gave some to the girls with theirs. They both loved it. 

Today we are shopping for spring clothes for the girls (mainly Lucy, though, since Ems has so many hand me downs), and tomorrow we have another Sky Zone playdate. And then on Saturday, we are getting PIZZA for dinner! We're so pumped because we haven't ordered pizza in forever. We've been talking about it all week. . . we live a very exciting life!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends! 

It's time to start a new week. I hope I'm not jinxing myself by writing this, but the Kissels owned Daylight Saving Time. Both girls did well throughout the day and, other than Lucy asking why they were going to bed when it wasn't nighttime, fell asleep no problem. Here's hoping it continues to be smooth sailing!

I'm starting off with the cutest picture ever of Emmy riding the rocking giraffe at my mom and dad's house. 

Snuggling/wiggling away from her Godmother. Emmy only has eyes for Oma!

It was pretty darn cold last Thursday, but Lucy had big plans to go outside at my parents's house. Thank goodness my dad didn't mind!

After coming inside, Lucy combined two of her favorite things: going shirtless and washing dishes with Oma. #livingthelife

Friday morning Lucy asked if Emmy could wear a ballerina tutu. Um . . . yes, m'am!! Those are most definitely the thighs of a ballerina!

It made my mama heart so happy that Lucy was playing and engaging with her sister . . . for about ten minutes. #illtakeit

After Em's morning nap we headed to Sky Zone for a play date. Lucy jumped her little heart out!

Once it got a little less crowded, these three got out and had the best time crawling around on the trampolines. 

Lucy and her friend Greta held hands walking out . . . 

 . . . and all the way to the car. Cutest thing ever!

Matty made the girls homemade banana pancakes on Saturday morning, and they were delicious!

After a trip to Laurel Park to play at the play place and try on shoes, a trip to Cantoro's where Lucy got a free cookie as big as her face, and a little lunch, Emmy did this . . . 

Sydney did this . . . 

and Matty and Lucy did this. 

After rest time we headed to Lucy's friend Amelia's 2nd birthday party. 

It was a Sesame Street party, and these cookies looked amazing!

Lucy can't pass up sprinkles, though, and opted for a cupcake instead. 

While Amelia opened her presents, Emmy Roses entertained herself with a balloon. 

And then this little guy came over, and I know Emmy was thinking, "You're cute, but you can't have this balloon . . . unless you have a cookie."

Lucy was super pumped to have a balloon and two glow sticks as party favors. Both girls did a great job at the party. Matty and I broke our own rule and didn't even leave until 7pm . . . and bath time usually starts at 6:45! Insert wide eyed face emoji here. #livingontheedge 

But alas, our party fun was brought to a screeching halt when we got home to see that Snort had peed on the couch. The poor guy is so old and can barely move and hasn't gotten on the furniture while we are gone in weeks and weeks. And then this! Thankfully, the cushion covers not only come off and are washable, but also have a waterproof barrier underneath them so that the cushions themselves didn't actually get wet. 

Double girls! Sometimes you just gotta get both of them somewhere at the same time. Over and over again . . . Lucy loved this game!

We went to Grandma Ri's for dinner Sunday night. Lucy rocked her bear to sleep . . .

 . . . before hamming it up with the new potty seat Rita bought. So far this is the only action that seat is going to see because Lucy has no interest in using the potty. 

We have a very busy week ahead of us. Brian is in town with Tommy and Baby Eleanor. We haven't seen them since Christmas and are excited to seem them today! We'll miss Sarah, but I'm sure she's going to enjoy her quiet evenings at home after work!

Lucy has school, we have plans to go to Open Gym this week, and another play date on Friday. 
Busy, busy, busy!

Have a great week!