Thursday, July 19, 2018

Life Lately

We've been enjoying a lot of fun activities with friends this week!

We spent Monday morning at toddler time at Buhr Park Pool in Ann Arbor. This is a fantastic pool for little kiddos. It's zero entry and only goes up to maybe 2.5' deep. The three-year-olds didn't need floaties, and the littles could waddle around by the fountains. We had five mamas and nine kiddos, and we had a great time!

Emmy wasn't super impressed, but she didn't cry so I'm calling it a win!

I so badly wanted to get a picture of all the mamas and all the kids . . . but it was darn near impossible. So here's a pic of Lisa and me instead. 

Snack time!

Followed by lunchtime. 
And I know I've mentioned this before, but these snack boxes are one of the best purchases I've made for the girls!

Lucy had her second ballet class on Tuesday. I told her that if she did a good job and didn't cry that we could get ice cream later in the day. Well, she cried when it was time to go in and for about 15 minutes into the class. But then she calmed down and participated and seemed pretty happy when I went to get her. I called it a win, and we got ice cream! Hopefully, next week will go even better. 

Emmy Roses needed some extra snuggles at nap time, and I was happy to oblige. 

Lucy really wanted to protect her eyes on the way to get ice cream!

Chocolate ice cream with sprinkles for my somewhat happy ballerina. 

Why is Lucy riding in the car while Emmy walks??

This little lady knew she wasn't supposed to have Nemo, and she was pretty happy about it!

Yesterday we went to Funtastic with some friends and pretty much had the place to ourselves. 

I said, "Say Cheese!" and Emmy was the only one who listened. 

Lucy found four cherry tomatoes in our garden and helped herself to all of them. #puresummer

Today we are keeping the fun going with a trip to the big splash pad with Carla and the kids. I'm sure it'll be exhausting, but fun!

We have big plans this weekend . . . make sure you check back Monday morning to hear all about it!


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Weekend Recap

I'm playing catch up today since I didn't do a life lately post on Thursday.

We've been pretty busy over here lately, but have managed to squeeze in some fun things too. The most memorable part of our weekend was the unexpected family nap that we got on Saturday afternoon!

But let's back up a little bit first . . . 

I enrolled Lucy in a six week ballerina camp, and the first class was last Tuesday. She was super excited . . . until we got to class. She cried when I dropped her off, even though her friend Amelia was there with her, and I was going to be sitting in the hallway! After like 20 minutes they couldn't get her to calm down, so they came to get me and let me sit in the room with her. She still didn't calm all the way down, but she improved. I managed to get her to pose for a picture after class, but zoom in on her smile. . . . she was so traumatized that she couldn't even smile normally! Here's hoping this week goes a little better. 

Emmy Roses does NOT like playing in the water very much, but we are getting her to warm up to the splash pad by our house. 

Lucy needed a potty break while we were at the library Wednesday evening, and Ems was not happy about having to sit in the little baby chair. The screaming didn't bother me one bit, though, because I didn't have to chase a baby around the bathroom!

I had a very busy day on Thursday. The kind of day where I really needed Matty to take a few hours off from work to help out . . . but he couldn't because he had jury duty Thursday morning! #ugh

Luck was on my side, though, because not only was he dismissed early, but he also high tailed it right home with a box of treats from Astoria Bakery! #besthusbandever

And because Matty got home early, I got to leave sooner than expected for a night out with my mom! We haven't done anything just the two of us since before Lucy was born, so this was a long time coming. We walked around the Wyandotte Street Fair, had dinner, and finished the night with ice cream!

We got these adorable puppets for the girls . . . 

 . . . and they were so excited to get them on Friday morning!

Lucy and Ems had a play date with Amelia at Sky Zone on Friday, and we were the only people there! 

Snacks and water breaks are essential after doing all the jumping!

For some unknown reason, Lucy was wide awake at 5:30 Saturday morning! #nooooo

After we put Ems down for her nap, we had family rest time in our bed, and Lucy was out like a light ten minutes into Moana. She had grabbed onto my thumb while watching the movie, and it was just so sweet! We couldn't stop taking pictures of her. 

After resting with her for awhile, I got up to go to Kohl's and Ulta. When I got home, Lucy and Emmy were still sleeping! I laid down on the bed, and Lucy woke up just long enough to roll over and lay on top of me. 

And then she rolled off a little later. #doublenappers

Everyone's awake!

We headed to the Plymouth Art Fair once Emmy woke up. 

Matty was super happy about his corndog!

We watched a princess show in the park, and then the princess walked around greeting everyone and handing out wands. Lucy was a little leery at first, but then quickly changed her tune and couldn't stay away!

And then her day was made again by getting a balloon hat! She was so proud!

I got a wood fired pizza to split with the girls. Emmy would only sit on my lap, and I was trying to quickly eat my pizza while not dropping any of the hot cheese on her. Matty helped me out by taking this picture of it all going down. #momlife

Sunday morning my mama friends and I celebrated this sweet mama who's about to have her second baby boy! The restaurant helped us out by delivering a crepe filled with bananas and nutella with ice cream and whipped cream. #yesmam #breakfastofchampions

This week is looking to be a little more "normal," which is refreshing. Tomorrow we are going to a play date at a shallow pool in Ann Arbor. I have one daughter who is part fish and another who cries every time we put her in water lately. Should be a fun day! 

Have a great week!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Life Lately: Busy Edition

There's only one word to describe our life lately, and it's BUSY!

It's 10:30 Wednesday evening and this is the first chance I've had to sit down and think about a blog. Truth be told, a shower and an episode of The Office are calling my name before I pass out in bed, so it's going to be super short and super sweet.

In between the craziness of our week, we've been enjoying Emmy's new smile!

In addition to Em's smile, check out Lucy's Moana bathing suit in this picture! She got it for her birthday from some of our friends, and she loves it so much. 

These cuties already made it to the Wyandotte Street Fair, and, if everything goes according to plan, my mom and I will be going Thursday evening sans kiddos. Yes, you read that correctly! We haven't done anything just the two of us since LUCY was born. #notkidding

Have a great weekend!